Great German food now in Manila – Brotzeit Restaurant

I found the best German food outside Germany at Brotzeit in Singapore – and was very excited when I found out that they are opening in Manila as well! They now have three outlets in Makati, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas, I have tried all of them multiple times and love them! So much so, that I’m eating more German food in Manila than I did in Germany!

All of the Brotzeit locations in Manila are in popular shopping areas – Glorietta in Makati, Bonifacio Global City’s High Street and the Shangri-La mall on EDSA. Each of them offers indoor and outdoor seating, with upholstered benches and wooden tables for an updated beer house look!
The service is consistently friendly and attentive. They are quick to show your to your table, provide you with menus and all the explanations you need and take your order. Most of the time, food is delivered in the order you have requested, with appetizers ahead of the main course – something that is not a given at restaurants in the region!
mnl-brotzeit-1The menu, of course, starts with a selection of beer, from a light lager to a dark beer, as well as a selection of seasonal beer. It comes in different sizes to fit your appetite. Prices are a little lower during happy hour, but pricey compared to local beer served at other restaurants.
The menu is a broad selection of food from different regions in Germany. Among the appetizers you’ll find my favorite, a thick and stew-like Goulash, one of the best in Asia! It’s available in a cup-size as an appetizer or a bowl-size as a meal.  There are also big Pretzle or German cold cuts and cheese on offer, so you can select a few to go with your happy hour beer. Some of the platters are great to share in a group and give a good tour of German food!
mnl-brotzeit-9If you are planning on a full dinner, you can proceed to the main courses: My favorite is the Veal Goulash with Spaetzle and it’s hard to find a better one in Asia! The veal comes in large chunks of tender meat, you can cut it with your fork. The sauce is mild and tasty and the spaetzle are firm on the outside and a little soft at the core, just the way they are supposed to be. mnl-brotzeit-5Another great option is the Wienerschnitzel, which deserves its name! It fills the large plate is very thinly cut and with a nice, light and crispy batter. mnl-brotzeit-7Another dish I’ve had a few times are the pork loin wrapped in bacon – probably not the healthiest dish on the menu but, hmmm, so good!
mnl-brotzeit-10All the main course portions are huge, so you want to bring a good appetite or plan on sharing as a group! Of course it wouldn’t be a German restaurant without a selection of sausages. They are available in individual (large) portions or as a share platter to give everybody a try of different tastes.

I have taken friends and visitors a few times and recommend Brotzeit in Manila whole-heartedly. The outlet in Bonifacio Global city is my favorite, at the Shangri-La hotel on High Street. The outlet at the EDSA Shangri-La is a close second, with nice outdoor seating and great staff. The location in Makati is not as nice, but serves the same beer and food! If you are looking for a meal that doesn’t involve rice, Brotzeit is one of the best choices in Manila and well worth trying out at any of the locations!

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