Great food on a quiet street – Morela – Krakow, Poland

Krakow has a plethora of restaurants all over the Old Town, so you are spoiled for choices. I sometimes pick restaurants purely for the location, so that I can take in the scenery or watch the crowds, and sometimes for the food. Morela falls into the latter category and did not disappoint!

KRA MapMorela is located off the main square on a quieter street. All the seating was indoor, so no people watching here. It’s a quiet and comfy atmosphere, making it a nice setting for dinner for two, a business or family dinner. I had an early dinner and got a nice, quiet table in the dining room near the entrance. The tables are separated enough to provide you with some privacy, despite the small rooms.

The service was friendly and quick – I had my menu in a flash, my order was taken as soon as I was ready and my drink was on my table after a few minutes. The appetizer and main course was well paced, supporting the nice ambience of the restaurant.

KRA Morela InteriorOne of my favorite soups is a Goulash soup and I had spied it on the menu! While many restaurants offer it, few do it well. It’s supposed to be more like a stew with big chunks of beef in  a thick, flavorful sauce with some potatoes and veggies to add to the taste. Often it’s a thin broth and you need a microscope to find some beef among the potatoe chunks. Not so at Morela – it was just right: large pieces of fall-apart-beef in a thick and creamy soup, all hot and steamy. There was enough potato and veggies to add to the taste and consistency, but not too much. It was just spicy enough to give it flavor without making your eyes water, just to my taste. It was a large and satisfying portion, probably enough by itself for a lunch!

KRA Morela SoupAfter this great starter, I moved on to pork tenderloins in a creamy sauce with potato gratin (my favorite potatoes) and a side salad. It was nicely presented and well prepared. The pork was tender and juicy and the sauce complemented it nicely. The gratin was crisp on the outside and still soft on the inside – probably a little firmer than most, but it tasted very good. The side salad was fresh and very basic – a good addition to the meal! While it didn’t look too big on the plate, it was a very filling main course. Between the soup and the main, I was very full and had no room whatsoever for desert!

KRA Morela MainMorela is a little of the main square and you’ll have to look for it – but it’s well worth it. From the nice room and the friendly service to the great meal, I was very happy and left satisfied. The good food came at reasonable pricing, offering better value than some of the restaurants on the main square or pedestrian street. If you are looking for a good meal in a comfortable setting, you should add Morela to your lis

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