Good pizza, good value: Trattoria di Ravello Review

Sometimes I pick a restaurant for the great food it offers, and sometimes for its location. I picked the Trattoria di Ravello for its location and ended up happy with the food as well. It’s located along the main pedestrian street in Vilnius’ Old Town, Pilies, and allows you to watch city life go by as you enjoy your food. That’s something I enjoy doing when traveling solo and I saw it during my walk around the old town!

The Trattoria di Ravello is located on Piles street and if you are walking around the old town, you can’t miss it. It has tables outside on the sidewalk under a large, red canopy, as well as indoor seating. There are a number of restaurants like it up and down the street and I noticed that there was a good mix of locals and tourists among its guests, which always makes it more inviting to me than a pure tourist place!
VIL Map TrattoriaDiRavelloI picked a seat outside and the waiter had a menu in my hands immediately, took my order quickly and was back with drinks in no time! While he wasn’t overly friendly, he was polite and quickI love Italian food and felt like pizza today. While I usually enjoy an appetizer or dessert with my meal, I had seen the intimidating size of the pizza and stuck with the main course! That was a good call, because the pizza was not only big, it was also very good: I liked the thin crust, generous topping of pepperoni, thin layer of cheese and crust with just a hint of burn on the edge – well executed and very tasty. I did manage to finish it, but barely and slowly! It’s probably best shared with a salad on the side! I had it with some wine and it made for a solid meal.
VIL Trattoria di Ravello - 2Despite the prime location, it was inexpensive and I’d not hesitate to go back. If you are looking for a solid Italian meal in the heart of Vilnius with lots of people watching, Trattoria di Ravello delivers good value. If you are looking for a memorable, fine-dining experience in Vilnius for a special occasion – check out my review of Bistro 18!

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