Flights from EUR4.99 across Europe – Ryan Air Black Friday Sale

Ryan Air is not flying to the US, but that’s not stopping them from participating in the Black Friday Sale. In fact, they are making it “Seven Days of Sale”, with a different sale each day. And if you thought the 9.99 deals they were offering recently were great – their latest offer is even better with 100,000 flights from EUR4.99 across Europe!

Ryan Air had a rough few months with scheduling chaos, pilot problems and unhappy crews and they offered a series of sales to make up for it. They seem to still have a lot of seats to fill (and bad press to erase) and are launching seven days of deals. The Second Day of Deals brings 100,000 one-way tickets across Europe for EUR4.99 for travel in January 2018!

I have flown Ryan Air a few times and think they are much better than their reputation. You get a clean plane with just as much space as on legacy carriers, a friendly crew and a carry-on luggage up to 10kg – that’s more than even Lufthansa will give you! Sure, you’ll have to pay for seat assignments and food or drinks onboard, but even the legacy carriers are going down that path these days.

Make sure you understand the rules, read my Top 10 Tips to Pack Light to avoid luggage fees and you can make a trip abroad for less than the bus to the aiport! 
If you missed the first deal, go back to the  “Seven Days of Deals” at RyanAir every day this week to see what else is available and you might find yourself visiting a few new destinations in Europe soon!


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