Fantastic Foto Friday: Leopard in South Africa

At this point, the leopard is about 15' away from me. He had climbed up into the tree and I started shooting multiple exposures. Suddenly he came back down and looked straight at me. He was on a west to find his mother. He was a 1-2 year young male leopard.

Robin took this stunning photo full of tension  in Ngala, South Africa. The 1-2 year old young male leopard had just jumped out of a tree and looked straight at him! Ngala is a safari camp on the edge of Krueger National Park in South Africa with great game drives. Robin has more, equally captivating photos on Robin’s Photo Site. You can view them, order photos or create photo products on the site!
I had similar experiences on my trip to Krueger National Park. You can also stay in camps inside the park, go on bush walks or rides with the rangers or go on a game drive in your own car – spotting a pride of lions on my own was one of my most exciting wildlife experiences!

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