Eurowings Visa & MasterCard to earn and protect your Boomerang Club miles!

Eurowings in cooperation with BarclaysCards launched credit cards for their Boomerang Club rewards program for German residents. They offer 1% on your purchases, fastlane immigration access and most importantly, never expiring Boomerang miles! You can also avoid foreign exchange fees and ATM fees and currently get a 40EUR sign-up bonus. If you fly Eurowings a lot and want to earn miles in the Boomerang Club, it’s worth checking out the card!

If you are new to this site, please read “how we evaluate credit cards”. I do not hold the uber Visa card and receive no compensation for this review and have no affiliate links.

Eurowings offers two cards, the Eurowings classic and Eurowings Gold card. Both come as a “Duo”, giving you one Visa Card and one MasterCard each for better worldwide acceptance. That’s a curious concept, as merchants will typically accept both!
The cards offer slightly different features, with more perks for the Gold card in exchange for a higher fee:

The Classic card duo has an annual fee of EUR19.99 and the Gold card duo a fee of EUR69. Both cards have chip & pin features.
The sign up bonus of EUR40 is not much in comparison to US credit cards, but pretty good in Germany and you get it after first use of the card without a spending minimum.
You earn 1 mile per 1 Euro spend on all spend on both cards. The Gold card earns 2 miles per Euro spent on Eurowings flights (Visa only) and on Sixt car rentals and 3 miles on Avis car rentals. Those are good earn rates in Germany!

The most important benefit in my opinion is that they stop the expiration of your Boomerang Club miles. With a harsh policy of all miles expiring 24 months after earning, regardless of activity, this is your only option to protect your miles. I value Boomerang miles conservatively at 1 cent, so even if you have only 2,000 miles in your account, it’s worth one annual fee for the Classic card!
You also get with both cards no-fee sports luggage and access to the immigration fast-lanes at the airport, with more airports included for the Gold card.
The Gold card adds priority check-in, travel and car insurance. Because Boomerang Club doesn’t have any elite levels, this is the only way to get perks like priority check-in or fast-lane, other than purchasing BizClass fares!

Bottomline: If you live in Germany, fly Eurowings frequently and want to redeem for Economy tickets to Europe or North Africa, Boomerang Club can be a good reward program for you and the Eurowings card ensures that you don’t lose your miles after 2 years.
Both cards protect your miles, so the Classic card is sufficient. If you travel a lot outside the Euro Zone and spent more than EUR2,500 in foreign currencies, the Gold card makes sense as the foreign exchange fee savings will offset the higher annual fee! And the additional perks can make your travel experience better.
If you travel very frequently or want to redeem for long-distance premium cabin fares, the Lufthansa miles & more program and affiliated credit cards are the better bet!

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