Eurowings Online Experience Review

The Eurowings website and mobile app are thoroughly modern in design, functionality and feature set. They work reliably and get you your ticket, extras and boardingpass quickly and without issues. You can even file a claim for delayed flights online. The online experience is well done and enhances your end-to-end travel experience with Eurowings – that’s the best any website can do for a company. Read my review to find out what I liked and loved!

The Eurowings website welcomes you with changing images of destinations, menus and the standard flight search bar. But before you book your first flight, I recommend to set up an account. It’ll just take a few minutes and will not only make each booking quicker, but also will give you access to Eurowings frequent sales!

Online Booking: Befitting a leisure airline, Eurowings lets you browse available fares by departure airport. If you just want to get away for a quick city weekend or a week on the beach, but don’t really care where, this can be a great way to find a good deal!

Another feature of the online booking process is that you can choose, at least for Germany, a departure region – you often have multiple airports in driving distance and can safe significantly with that. If you are set on the airports, but flexible on the dates, you can utilize the low-fare calendar to see the prices by day for one month at a time!

Once you have settled on a route, you’ll be offered alternative flights with prices visible for all available flights on your target date, as well as the lowest price per day for dates before and after. By selecting a flight, an overview of available fare classes and their inclusions pops up – I like this transparency on low-cost carriers, so you are not surprised by luggage or seat assignment charges!

As a hybrid carrier, Eurowings offers Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class based on route, but will make you pay for everything on Basic Fares – check in luggage, seat assignments,  food and even insurance or rental cars. All fees are clearly displayed, so you can pick and choose what you need. If you are not sure, you can come back later and add services to your itinerary!

Personal information from your profile will be populated into the traveler details, as well as the payment screen. Fortunately, there is no charge for credit card use!

Online Check-in is possible 72 hours before departure with your booking details or through your profile. I especially liked the feature that you can select any available seat at check-in, so you are not condemned to the middle seat like at Ryan Air, especially on a not too busy flight. I was able to snatch my preferred aisle seat during high season without a problem! You’ll get a printed or emailed boarding pass or can check in through the mobile app with the boarding pass available in the app (which I did and liked!).

Other features: Something you don’t find too often is an online form to request compensation for flight delays according to EU regulation EU261/2004. Significant delays on flights from/to the European Union or operated by a EU carrier entitle passengers to compensation of up to EUR600! Most airlines try to hide and avoid paying, hoping customers don’t know or give up, so I applaud Eurowings for putting a form on the website, making it easy to do it yourself, rather than paying an agency to do it! Read more about EU261/2004 here to see if you have a valid claim! 

For some reason, I only found the form in German. This also marks the only complaint I have about the site: It has various country versions and you have to pick one to get your desired language. If you are an English speaker, living in Germany, you’ll have to pick the US or UK site – and it will be in English and present UK or US content. Easy enough to work around, but an unnecessary complication.
Other features typical for leisure-focused airlines are hotel bookings (utilizing, rental cars or travel insurance. You can also manage your Boomerang loyalty program membership here, including requesting miles for flights that didn’t post – read my Boomerang Club Review for more!

Bottomline: Eurowings has a thoroughly modern website that is fast and works well. I like the ability to explore flight deals flexibly, fee-free payment and the transparent pricing and option display. All of it worked reliably and I never had to start over or grab the phone to complete a task. The same applies to the mobile app with similar design, but limited functionality. The online experience is enjoyable and adds to the end-to-end travel experience with Eurowings in a positive way!

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