Eurowings budget airline launches new Business Class

Lufthansa‘s low-cost subsidiary Eurowings is launching a new Business Class offering in 2018 with fully flat seats! They are likely to operate Brussels Airline Airbus A340 with Brussels crews from Duesseldorf to US destinations. More details will be announced at the ITB Conference in March 2018! That’s exciting news, promising more low-cost options for lie-flat seats on long-haul flights! 

Lufthansa has been investing heavily into Eurowings and growing their low-cost subsidiary aggressively. As part of the airberlin purchase, they added a lot of single-aisle planes to the Eurowings fleet. They also previously bought Brussels Airlines and planned to link them with Eurowings, focusing on long-haul flights.

Now, they announced a business class offering for Eurowings, with the same seats as currently offered on Lufthansa. While that is not considered an industry leading seat in its 2-2-2 layout without direct aisle access for 1/3 of passengers, I found it to be very comfortable and slept well (read my review here).
For use on Eurowings, they receive a color scheme to match the current decor, which actually looks fresh and modern. It will be called “BIZclass” and I expect more details about the onboard service, food and entertainment choices, priority check-in & boarding or possible lounge access from the ITB Conference in March 2018. 

Eurowings executive Wagner said that the airline sees demand on routes from Duesseldorf to US destinations like New York or Miami – routes formerly served by bankrupt airberlin. That makes perfect sense to me and seems like a good starting point, although I won’t hold my breath until routes are announced.

In previous news on a German-language airline portal it was reported that Lufthansa plans to use Brussels Airline Airbus A340 for long-haul routes. It’s always mind-boggling when legacy airlines hand their highest-cost planes to their low-cost subsidiaries and then are surprised when they can’t match the cost of true low-cost airlines, like Norwegian which is using much lower cost Boeing B787!
They also plan to use Brussels Air crews to avoid further staffing and contract issues with the German Eurowings arm, a move similar to the hiring of airberlin staff into the Austrian Eurowings subsidiary, which also has lower costs than Germany!

Having another low-cost carrier offer a Business Class product is a positive development, giving anybody looking to sleep on long-haul flights for less, another option. I liked my AirAsia flatbed seat and look forward to trying out Eurowings!

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