Eurowings Boomerang Club Reward Program Review

Boomerang Club is the rewards program of Eurowings and a lightweight competitor to parent company Lufthansa‘s own miles & more program: You can earn miles more quickly and redeem for less on flights within Europe and North Africa. But the lack of redemption partners, no elite level perks and the hard expiration of miles after only 24 months limit the usefulness of the program. Read my detailed review to find out how you can make it work for your travels!

Reach – Eurowings fliest to 79 destinations in 31 countries, mostly to leisure destinations in Europe and North Africa, with a growing number of long-haul flights in the Americas and Asia. Even though Eurowings is owned by Lufthansa, it does not belong to Star Alliance, severely limiting the reach of the program in comparison to Lufthansa’s miles & more. Read more about  the Eurowings facts!

Earn – how do I earn miles? Boomerang Club keeps it simple and offers 10 miles for every 1Euro spent –  that’s it. Compare that to the complex earning charts of major airlines with bonuses for fare classes, elite levels and more restrictions than you can count, and this is a simplicity many infrequent travelers appreciate.

You can also earn miles with a list of travel partners, including hotels, rental cars and shopping. Eurowings has also introduced two mileage-earning credit cards that offer sign-up bonuses (a rarity in Germany), earn miles for every Euro spent as well as some interesting perks, like priority lines!

Eurowings Boomerang miles expire 24 months after earning them, that is one of the most restrictive policies out there. Activity like flights do not extent your miles, but signing up for one of their credit cards does, making it a big incentive for infrequent fliers!

Redeem – what do I get for my miles? Redeeming miles is as easy as earning them – a one-way flight in Europe and North Africa is 10,000 miles in Basic Economy. Flights in Smart or Premium Economy are more expensive. A long-haul flight in the new BizClass with fully flat seats is 100,000 miles one-way to the US or Asia:

The simplicity of Boomerang Club is its biggest benefit. And 10,000 miles for Basic Economy on flights to North Africa or the Canary Islands are a good deal – less than many other programs charge. Long-haul flights in premium cabins are significantly more expensive and much less useful! Interestingly, Lufthansa charges more for Eurowings award flights booked with miles & more (11,500 vs 10,000), yet less for Eurowings flights to the US (52,500 vs 100,000)

eurowings A340 BIZclass, photo eurowings

You can only redeem your Boomerang miles for Eurowings flights, not for Lufthansa flights, hotels, cars or anything else. That gives the program a very narrow focus and limits its usefulness.

Status Benefits – what perks will I get? None, nada, silch – no perks for YOU! Boomerang keeps it simple and doesn’t offer any status levels or perks for frequent travelers! The only way to get priority check-in, boarding or lounge access is to pay for it via the Best or BizClass cabin – or to get one of the credit cards!

Who should join Eurowings Boomerang? Eurowings Boomerang is a simple program and easy to use for infrequent travelers. It offers a generous earn rate on their flights, a handful of partners to earn extra miles and good redemptions within Europe and North Africa. The lack of airline partners and high redemption rates make it unattractive for frequent travelers and anybody wanting to redeem for premium cabins on long-haul flights. And the hard expiration of miles after only 24 months and complete lack of redemption partners makes it difficult for infrequent travelers to earn enough for a free flight before they lose their miles.

That leaves a narrow group of travelers who can benefit from Eurowings Boomerang: If you live in a Eurowings focus city in Central Europe and travel mostly within Europe and North Africa and want to use your miles for a free Basic Economy flight to those destinations, Boomerang can be very rewarding. To make it work, I recommend to sign up for the affiliated credit card to get perks like priority check-in or migration fast-lane access and to ensure your miles never expire! For everybody else, Lufthansa miles & more is the better option with more earning and redemption options!

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