Earn topbonus miles with Germania Airlines!

Notice of the death of the topbonus rewards program has apparently been exaggerated. topbonus started to notify members that they can now earn miles with Germania, the German leisure airline! You can earn 250-2,000 topbonus miles for each flight and redemptions are supposed to follow soon!I liked topbonus for the many options to earn reward miles, but had one of my worst travel experiences when my business class award flight on airberlin was cancelled and I had to scramble to find a replacement, not knowing what would happen till the last moment. 

Apparently, the topbonus team is defying imminent death after airberlin stopped operating and is trying to continue as a stand-alone program operating with various partners. They have now signed up Germania, the German leisure airline, and you can start earning 250-2,000 points on flights. While no information has been provided about redemptions for Germania flights, that seems  to be in the works as well and should start at the beginning of 2018.

Germania flies to more than 50 destinations in Germany, Europe and the Middle East. Even though it is a budget leisure airline, they do offer free check-in luggage, drinks and snacks on board. I have never flown them but wouldn’t mind giving them a try!

While there is still a chance that topbonus will go out of business, there is not a lot of risk here. Germania previously didn’t have a rewards program, so you are better off earning topbonus miles than nothing at all. And if topbonus survives as the program of Germania and other travel related business, even better. I’m sure the many members who still have lots of miles in the program will be happy to hear it!

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