Earn GetGo points for free flights on Cebu Pacific with grab!

Cebu Pacific, the Philippine’s favorite low-cost carrier, is launching a partnership of their GetGo rewards program with ride-hailing company grab! You can now convert your grab rewards to GetGo points at a great ratio and redeem the for free flights. Find out why that is a great idea, even if you have never flown Cebu Pacific before!

Cebu Pacific has been adding partners to their rewards program GetGo at a feverish pace, turning it into a lifestyle program. After shopping and a long list of credit cards, they now added grab to the list. Since grab acquired uber in South East Asia, they are the biggest provider across the region and sometimes only ride-hailing choice. If you are traveling in the region, I recommend to download the app to avoid the myriad taxi scams, hassle of paying with cash and safety of the service! 

grab offers a reward program, giving you points for every dollar spent on rides, as well as status the more you ride. You can redeem these points for discounts on free rides, shopping or travel. 
Now, you can redeem 1,000 grab rewards points for 100 GetGo points or 4,500 grab points for 500 GetGo points:

All you have to do is go into the grab app, select rewards, filter to the travel section and select GetGo points. It will trigger you to enter your GetGo account details. Once confirmed, the points will transfer instantly!

I value GetGo points at approx. 0.6 US cents, so 1,000 grab points would be worth only 60 cents. You’d get better value redeeming grab points for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles (worth $1,50) or grab discounts (worth $1,70), but the value of GetGo points soars during CebuPacific famous sales: I was able to snatch an 8h flight from Manila to Sydney for only 50 GetGo points plus taxes and fees! 

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So, even if you have never flown Cebu Pacific, you could earn enough points for a free flight just by riding grab! You’d have to ride a lot to do the same on Singapore Airlines! And because the points transfer instantly, you can wait until you find a cheap flight becomes available during a sale to do it! And it’s a great way to keep your account active and avoid loosing GetGo points you’ve earned after 12 months of not flying with them!

You can find out all the details, check out the GetGo grab page! If you’d like to get more travel related news or deals like this from around the world, please follow me on Twitter – I’m posting news daily, so you can stay up to date on the world of travel with my Twitter updates! Or, for a weekly update, sign up for my newsletter for a Sunday Summary


Earn GetGo points for free flights on Cebu Pacific with grab! — 2 Comments

  1. Cebu Pacific is a xxxxx AIRLINE. FIRST: I book a good flight connection from Siargao to Legazpi with only a few waiting time at Cebu. Later THEY CANCEL the flight and I have to rebook with a BAD SCHEDULE that gives me a one day waiting time at Cebu. Altough later it is obvious that they could give me a BETTER SCHEDULE they do NOT ALLOW anymore to CHANGE the flight! So they make me unhappy and even they could make me happy again, the do not do. And SECOND: The SEATS in the airplane are extremely UNCOMFORTABLE. Air Asia is much better. THIRD: They DAMAGED LUGGAGE and did not give any refund. TRY TO AVOID TO BOOK CEBU PACIFIC !!!

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience with Cebu Pacific. All airlines in the Philippines have poor on-time performance in the low 60s, so delays and cancellations are unfortunately common.
      If that happens to you, I recommend to inform yourself about the options for your flights – you can find them on their website – before you accept a re-booking to make sure it’s the best available. If that doesn’t work, you can ask for a full refund of your fare and book with another airline that better suits your needs.
      I found most low-cost carriers in Asia as well as PAL to offer poor service in situations like this, so it’s important to know your rights and be firm. That also applies to luggage. Unfortunately, consumer rights are not well protected in the Philippines and you have little recourse. We had a bag broken in at Manila airport and PAL didn’t refund the damage and lost items either…
      With regards to the seats, both Cebu Pac and Air Asia use slim-line seats with the same layout and pitch, so I found little difference with regards to comfort.
      Lastly, I x’d out a swear word – no cursing on my blog, please!

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