Earn Double Points and more with IHG Rewards Club Fall 2018 Promotion

IHG Rewards Club has launched their 2018 Fall Promotion – just don’t call it Accelerate! The promotion is tailored to your stay and spend history and offers double points up to a cap as well as other tasks that can earn bonus points. It’s not as generous as previous Accelerate promotions, but still good in comparison to promotions of other hotel chains offered this fall. Is your promotion offer worth a stay with IHG?

IHG Rewards Club has been leading the charge in promotions tailored to each customer (I hate the buzz word “gamefied”) with its Accelerate promotion over the last few years. Based on the date for previous stays and spend, the brands you preferred or locations you stayed at, IHG would create a promotion with a number of tasks for each customer that incentivized things like stays at certain brands, over the weekend or in specific regions to generate bonus points. They tended to be generous for infrequent guests and sometimes easy to game (pun intended), so guests (like his truly) could earn huge bonus points with just a few stays.

Apparently, IHG Rewards Club has figured that out, too, and bringing promotions that are too good to be true to an end, instead trying to use their stay data to create promotions more clearly geared towards generating more stays. 
My promotion offers double points beginning with the second stay, up to a total of 30,000 points. It also offers a bonus of 3,200 points for making two bookings through the mobile app – which I haven’t used. 

This offer is not interesting enough to move business to IHG, but I signed up anyway, just in case I have unexpected stays with them that might earn me some extra points.
Based on reports from the interwebs, some people still received very generous promotions, so it is worth to check out your personalized offer and sign up – there is no cost to sign up, so you have nothing to loose and might pick up some extra points. You can see your offer and sign up here!

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