Earn 2,000 points per stay with no limit at Hilton Hotels

As the year comes to an end, hotel loyalty programs announce their new promotions for the new year. Hilton has launched their “points unlimited” offering 2,000 points per stay between January 1st and April 30th, 2018. You’ll earn an additional 10,000 points after 5 stays and there is no limit for the number of points you can earn.

Hilton Honors is one of the least rewarding hotel reward programs (read my report here), but it does offer regular promotions to earn bonus points, which can make it much easier and quicker to earn a free stay. 
The “points unlimited” promotion is now available for sign-up. I like fixed reward bonuses – they can be very lucrative on single-night stays at less expensive hotels! 2,000 points for a one-night stay reflect a $10 discount per night. If you manage to have 5 stays of one night each, you’ll increase that to 4,000 points (or $20) per night. All Hilton Hotels (except Hampton properties in China) are participating.

This is not the most generous promotion, but the wide participation of hotels and fixed bonus rate make it easy to use. I wouldn’t redirect my hotel spend to Hilton because of it,  but I’d recommend to sign-up to take advantage of the bonus points for planned or short-notice stays!

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