DreamTrip: Nature Escape from Europe to Singapore & Borneo

Your work-life has been crazy and you have had enough of the traffic and the madness of the city! You just want to get away, far away and spend some time to enjoy nature, see some animals (you know, like real ones) and just relax! You really enjoyed that visit to Yellowstone and that relaxing weekend in the mountains, looking out over the peaceful valleys – but you are ready for something a little more exotic! But you don’t want to completely splurge, so a mid-priced trip sounds just about right!Don’t worry, I have got you covered. This Dream Itinerary will take you as far away as you can get, to the island of Borneo (minus the headhunters)!

Dream Itinerary Sample
Traveler: 2 people
Starting from: San Francisco, Los Angeles
Experience: Nature & Wildlife Retreat
Trip Duration: 2 weeks
Region: Asia
Comfort Level: mid-priced
Budget for Air fare and Hotels (for 2 people): $5,000

SIN GardenBay - 9To keep the cost for your trip under control, we are picking an economy class flight from the US to Singapore. Thankfully, the transpacific market has been very competitive and you can fly to Singapore for little more than to Hawaii or US coast-to-coast! You arrive into Singapore, the most organized city in Asia and the best place to ease into your nature getaway. You are looking for a good base to explore Singapore by day and have fun at night, so you are checking into the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay for the night. The next morning, you enjoy the gondola ride up to Mount Faber and go for a hike through the nature park along the mountain ridge. You’ll spend lunch time in the serene Chinese Gardens on the quieter side of the island, before enjoying the sunset happy hour.

SIN ChineseGarden - 5The next morning, you board your flight to Kota Kinabalu, the gateway to Sabah in Northern Borneo, and connect to the small town of Lahad Datu to travel deep into the Danum Valley Conservation area. It’s one of the most remote wildlife areas on the planet and a favorite of wildlife researchers and photographers! You settle into a Private Chalet at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in the middle of nowhere and enjoy three days of guide walks into the wilderness. You will hear and hopefully see Borneon Gibbons and Orang Utan in the wild and much more! Your stay at the Lodge is all-inklusive and you enjoy the great food in the middle of the rainforest! All the amazing impressions have thoroughly cleared your mind, you have slept like a baby and you haven’t thought about work once! 

DV Orang Utan close_farAfter all that rainforest, it’s time for some sunshine and you are flying back to Kota Kinabalu. You check into the upscale Hyatt Kota Kinabalu hotel right on the city’s waterfront and enjoy all the gateway to Sabah has to offer. If you prefer mountain hiking over city time, you can take a trip up to Mount Kinabalu!
P_20150411_184622_HDRAfter some sunshine, you have one more appointment with our orange haired cousins, the Orang Utans, at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center. They share 97% of their DNA with humans (no offense) and if you have doubts that we are related, they will vanish when you observe how curious they watch you, how playful they are – and how they can settle a fight quickly! You can visit Sepilok with a short flight from Kota Kinabalu as a day trip and return to the comfort of the Shangri-La in the evening!

OrangUtan Sepilok2After 4 nights at the Hyatt, it’s time to head back to Singapore. You use your short stopover at the Holiday Inn Express Orchard to do some shopping and to slowly adjust back to city life. You have a last sunset happy hour at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, overlooking the Singapore Bay and get ready for your return trip!

In just under two weeks, you have gotten as far away from civilization as you can, relaxed body and mind and enjoyed a luxurious treat to recharge for a while!

Does this sound like a trip you’d love to take? Follow the links provided in this Dream Itinerary to find more information and plan your own trip! Or check out Travel Made Easy Services to find out how I can help you with your very own, personalized dream trip! If you want to splurge a little a long the way, check out the Luxury Excape Borneo for more upscale hotel and tour options!

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