Dinner in the Heart of Old Town Tallinn – Margo

On my first night in Tallinn, I was wandering through the beautiful Old Town and was checking out the many restaurants in the heart of town. There are a lot to choose from, many with outdoor seating around the squares and along the little alleys. Most of them have their menus out, so you can take a look what they have to offer and how much they charge. I like picking a restaurant like that, because you know what to expect from the menu (and the bill) and it often gives you an idea how friendly the staff will be. I picked Margo, on a small street leading away from Town Hall Square and it made for a nice evening.

They have six tables outside in partially separated booths, making for some privacy while still sitting right on the street and being able to watch the crowd going by.
Margo has a large menu of generally European cuisine with a lot of choices of soups, salads, appetizers, main courses. While that doesn’t allow for a lot of specialisation on one kind of cuisine, it saves you from having to make up your mind what you feel like today before you pick your restaurant. There drink list is equally long, so everybody should be able to find something.

I picked a beef filet, which in European tourist destinations can be a hit or miss, but I got lucky at Margo: the steak was very tender, cooked medium as I had ordered and with a nice, creamy pepper sauce to go with it. I had ordered it with a side salad, which was fresh and a perfect fit. It had the side benefit that I had enough room for dessert – I had seen a warm chocolate cake with ice cream on the menu and was looking forward to that! The cake came out very well, with the center soft and warm and was a nice finish to the meal.

There was only one waiter serving the six outside tables, but he had no problem taking care of everybody. It was amazing to see him speak in multiple languages with the different guests, a skill I’ve observed with a number of hospitality staff in Tallinn! He was friendly, quick and professional. It was refreshing in comparison to some staff that seems to be tired of the tourists and just going through the motions.

With the above average food, the friendly service and the great location in the heart of the Old Town, Margo was well worth the prices they are charging. If you want the best food and don’t care about sitting in the heart of things, check out my review of Rataeskavu 16 – better food and great service on a quiet side street!

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