Delicious Barbeque on a Budget: Heaven, Manila

I have reviewed plenty of things to see and do in Manila, including restaurants. My new neighborhood, Bonifacio Global City, is one of the most expensive areas in town and has lots of upscale restaurants. Fortunately, there is also – as anywhere in the Philippines – great food at bargain prices available! My favorite place for local barbeque is just down the street from home and office and aptly named “Heaven”!

Heaven is located at “The Fort Strip” on 7th Ave near Bonifacio High Street. It’s facing 7th Avenue and has outdoor seating with a full roof to protect from the rain and fans to keep you cool. If you are looking for air conditioning, you are out of luck! It’s packed for lunch and dinner on most days, so grab a seat if you see one! The staff is friendly and you’ll have a menu in hand quickly. They offer a great variety of barbeque chicken, pork and beef, local favorites and the inevitable pasta, in case you are tagging along with friends and not really up for BBQ! You can find the full menu here.

HeavenMapMy favorites are the sausage rice bowl, if I’m on my own, or the BBQ platters, if I’m with a group of friends and we want to share the BBQ goodness! It’s simple, yet very tasty and the portions are generous! Add a pitcher of their Lemonade and you’ll be set for a hearty lunch at a bargain price! Your meal can easily be under $5 per person

At Heaven you get great tasting BBQ at a bargain price in a convenient location, all in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manila – that certainly sounds like heaven to me! Check it out, if you are in the ‘hood and enjoy!

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