Deal Dispatch – Flight, Hotel and Electronic Deals

Hotels: Accor has lots of sales, usually one private sale for members every week. Sometimes, they just have a few hotels in one region and sometimes they are more broad. Right now, there are hotels on sale all the way around the world, up to 50% off and with good availability. With Accor, these are real deals, not 40% of some ridiculous rack rate (cough… Sheraton… cough). And their rates are usually very competitive, compared to the US chains abroad! Up to 40% off in the US, Mexico and the Carribbean, as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and most of Asia. 50% off minimum 2-night stays in South America! Check it out here now – this sale ends April 30th!

Flights: I have reported Norwegian Air flight sales to Europe before (find detail on the airline here) and they have another sale going on now, with fares (all one-way) from San Francisco – Oakland starting at $269 to Stockholm, $439 to Paris, $353 to Berlin and similar fares to other cities in their network. Scandinavia is a great destination, with beautiful cities like Stockholm or Copenhagen, beautiful nature and great summer weather! I’m heading to Helsinki, Finland, later this year – for the first time not in the dead of winter! You can see your flight options to Europe here! Interestingly, United seems to be matching those prices – you can fly from San Francisco to Sweden for as little as $659 round-trip – and even earn miles in the process! Check out The Flight Deal for more.

Other Deals: Giftcards on sale are a great way to get some savings, even if you don’t want/need to buy anything right now: ebay is selling giftcards at 20% of, including one of my favorites, Apple iTunes! That’s a great opportunity to load up your iTunes account for future movies, music or apps for your next vacation! Get it here!



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  1. —-this is quite comprehensive. with all the deals, this is a perfect time to plan a trip to Norway (plus with the Euro down against USD….this makes the trip even more affordable). Better sign up people!


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