Deal Dispatch: US Independence Day Airline Sales

Independence Day, July 4th, is always a great day of sales in the USA and this year has a number of airline sales on offer. Southwest Airlines has a sale “from sea to shining sea” with flights starting at $42 one-way. Frontier also has flights starting at $49 one-way and ultra-low cost carrier Spirit is even less at $45 for non-members and only $25 for members! Of course the network airlines don’t want to be left out on this big day, so United, Delta and American also have special offers!

Southwest is my favorite low-cost carrier in the US, with reliable and friendly service. For this sale, they have a number of routes on sale, here are some of the lowest priced ones:
Oakland to Portland ($49), Las Vegas ($55) or Los Angeles ($59)
Los Angeles to Las Vegas ($42), San Francisco, San Jose or Salt Lake City ($59)
Ft. Lauderdale to Belize ($64), Washington D.C. or Bahamas ($69)
The list of available routes is very, very long, making this an interesting sale and a great opportunity to snatch a good deal with Southwest! All flights have to be booked by July 6th for travel from August to December with limited dates and blackout dates. You can book flights here!

Frontier has a similar sale, with fares starting at $49. You have to book by July 4th and fly by August 16th, giving you a shorter window to buy and fly! Some of the routes on sale at this bargain price are:
Atlanta to Houston or Orlando from $49
Austin to Las Vegas from $49
Colorado Springs to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco from $49
I have only flown Frontier a few times with a somewhat mixed experience – you get to fly from A to B for those prices, don’t expect too much! You can see all the available routes here!

I have never flown Spirit Airlines and don’t have plans to do so, but they are about as cheap as it gets. If all you want is to fly somewhere and don’t mind some of the tightest seats and most convoluted fees, Spirit can be a bargain! Flights start at only $25 for members. You have to book by the end of July 4th for flights on limited dates in July and August. You can find available routes and dates here!

The offers of the big 3 US airlines are a little less impressive, but still worth checking out if you have travel plans coming up:
United Airlines is offering flights from $63 one-way for flights booked by July 6th for travel from August to December, fares based on round-trip purchase. There might be other conditions and this includes the infamous Basic Economy fares, so be careful what you are buying – check it out here!
American Airlines’s Independence Sale is less attractive, requiring a vacation package purchase of more than $3,000 with a discount of $115 (less than 4%) with code JULY115. You can book by July 12th for travel through April 2018. This might work, if you already have a big trip on AA planned! You can find all the details here!
Delta has a last minute sale, with purchase by July 8th for the coming weekend, so you have to complete your trip by July 11th! Fares for the dreaded Basic Economy class start at $69 for a very limited number of routes, making it the least attractive sale to shop on Independence Day – see what’s available here!

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