Deal Dispatch: Sign up for new IHG Accelerate Promotion and earn free nights quickly!

Are you tired of reward programs where you never seem to earn enough points for a free flight or hotel stay? Don’t stay with any hotel chain that much? Help is on the way: IHG Rewards is running a new promotion to make it easier to earn free points for a free night at one of their more than 5,000 hotels. So easy in fact, I’m planning to earn points worth more than I paid! Keep reading to find out how!

One reason that I’m a big fan of IHG Rewards Club is that they regularly run great promotions that help you earn lots of points quickly, even if you only stay a few nights! They have run a number of Accelerate Promotions (I reported here) that are tailored to your stay history with IHG Hotels – the more you stay, the higher your targets. That doesn’t work so well for frequent travelers, but is great for less busy travelers, because two or three stays can earn you multiple free nights! How does that work? Check out my personalized offer for the Accelerate Fall 2016 promotion for stays between September 6th and December 15th, 2016:

IHG Acclerate 201608 OfferSample

Wow, that looks like a lot of work to achieve? Not at all! The reason why you can earn lots of points is that you can combine multiple of the requirements in one hotel stay. For example, with one night-stay in September, I can meet the requirement for “Stay once, get 3,000”, “Spend on IHG Rewards Club Credit Card”, and “September Bonus Offer” for a total of 9,500 points worth $57! If you can find a cheap hotel for one night, you might get points worth more than you paid for your hotel – or at least you get a big discount!
To keep going with the example, I can use those points for a free night or buy some digital goods with them and achieve the “Earn when you redeem” goal. I just have to book a second stay with two nights over a weekend, also using the Corporate Rate and I can check off the goals for “Weekend Stay” and “Corporate Account Bonus”, earning me the “Achievement Bonus” and 25,500 more points for a total of 35,000 bonus points, enough for up to seven free nights with IHG PointBreaks hotels like the Holiday Inn Helsinki ! Or keep saving those points for a dream getaway to the InterConti BoraBora!

IC Villa ExteriorNow, whenever I hear people complain about IHG Hotels and Rewards, I just smile, knowing that there is plenty of value to be found in the rewards program, if you know where to look.
To sign up for Accelerate 2016 Fall and get your personalized promotion, click here!

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