Deal Dispatch: Hotel rewards promotions from Accor, Hilton and Marriott!

As the season turns towards fall and winter and hotel occupation goes down, there are more and better promotion from hotels trying to fill their rooms. Accor has one of the best promotions, offering up to 10,000 points (worth $220) after four stays, Hilton HHonors offers Double Points and Marriott offers up to 50,000 points as bonus! Find out all the details after the break!

Accor LeClub is known for their many, lucrative point promotions and their frequent sales. Between the two, you can save a lot of money on your hotel stays. With the last point promotion just finishing, the next one is already launched: You can earn up to 10,000 points after 4 stays of at least 2 nights, for stays booked between September 12 and October 12, 2016 and completed by December 26th, 2016! The first stay will earn 500 points, the second 2,500p, the third 3,000p and the last one 4,000p, for a total of 10,000. For every 2,000 points earned, you receive a voucher of EUR40 (or $44), so you get a bonus of up to $220 after 4 stays/8 nights or a discount of $27,50 per night! With plenty of low-priced hotels available, this is a very lucrative promotion. As always, only stays booked AND completed within the time frames above are valid, so if you previously booked a stay for the dates above, they won’t qualify for this promotion! And keep in mind that only this year, the points count towards status, so it’s your last chance to earn Gold or Platinum status for less! You can sign up here!

accorpromotion-201609Hilton HHonors has been running a double points promotion for a while and just extended it through the end of the year! While that’s not a surprise, it’s especially valuable for anybody traveling on business and staying at high-priced Hilton properties – you can earn a lot of points in a hurry with a straight double-points promotion. Even if you only have a few stays planned, it’s worth signing up here!

Marriott Rewards has launched their next promotion – yet again called MegaBonus. For the first time, you get to choose the bonus that works best for you, a welcome change as a few times previously the bonus was not very interesting to me due to the goals set. You can either pick a 5,000 point bonus after 2 stays – great if you are not planning to many trips with Marriott. If you have a lot of stays with Marriott ahead, you can choose 10,000 points after ten nights, for up to 50,000 points. Your stays between September 15th, 2016 and January 15th, 2017 are counted. See what works best for you – and  sign up here!

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