Deal Dispatch: Free flight from Expedia, Samsonite luggage on sale!

This weeks Deal Dispatch brings the chance for a free flight for bookings via Expedia and some discounted luggage to go with it thanks to an early July 4th sale from Samsonite!

Vacations: Expedia offers flights, hotels and rental cars on its web site, all in combination with their rewards program. I recently booked a flight via Expedia to save about 10% in credit card and booking fees over KLM’s own web site and earn some extra reward points. This week, Expedia has a sale on flight and hotel packages, where you essentially get the flight for free. The packages go from a reasonable 2 night-package to a not-so-reasonable 30-night package, with lots of options in Las Vegas and other major cities across the US. You can check the available packages here. If you find something that works for you, make sure that you double-check how much it would be buying separately – sometimes, what starts out as a great deal is much less one, after making a change in the dates or so!

Luggage: This years July 4th sales are coming up and it is always a good time to look out for a new piece of luggage! You can often find them as loss leaders at the local department store – or online, especially if you don’t mind buying “last years” luggage. It’s often only a change of colors or minor details, resulting in good deals for the not-so-fashion-conscious! Samsonite has already started their July 4th sale and offers an extra 25% off select items with coupon code “SUMMER”. Add an extra $20 off for first-time subscribers to their newsletter and you have some pretty good savings! Shipping is free for orders over $99. I have used various Samsonite cases as check-in luggage and have good experience overall. They do have a number of hard-case spinners deeply discounted and they make for the most convenient check-in luggage! You can find the sale items here!

If you can’t find anything in these sales, don’t give up – the July 4th sales are just starting, so stay tuned for more options!

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