Deal Dispatch: Europe to US from $99ow, US to Asia from $430rt

With the winter season coming up in the Northern Hemisphere, the chances of finding bargains are up. This week’s Deal Dispatch has round-trip tickets from Berlin, Germany to San Francisco, California, from only EUR331 round-trip! 

Europe-US: Norwegian Air, the European low-cost carrier I’ve featured in DealDispatch several times before, is again offering low fares across the North Atlantic. You can fly from Berlin to Oakland/San Francisco for only EUR331 round-trip. The flight is on a Boeing B787 Dreamliner with one stop in London, making for a fairly direct route! As always, the prices for Norwegian tickets depend on the country site your booking through – in this case, the German site is significantly less than the US site for the same flights! And, while Norwegian charges extra for checking luggage, some of the OTA’s include the luggage in the ticket, saving you up to EUR200! (hat tip to Johannes). You can find and book fares inclusive luggage here!

US-Europe: The other low-cost carrier across the North Atlantic I’ve featured before is Wow Air, flying via Iceland. They continue to offer fares as low as $99 oneway to Iceland and from $149 to cities across Europe. Keep in mind that Wow charges even for standard size, wheeled carry-on – only small personal items and backpacks are free. You can find their sales fares and book them here!

US-Asia: While there are no low-cost carriers flying between the US and Asia (yet), the Chinese mainland carriers are filling that role across the Pacific. You can currently fly on China Eastern Airlines from the US to Manila, Philippines, from $430 round-trip. While I haven’t flown China Eastern in a while, I’ve heard that things are improving. At prices like this, there is little reason not so skip Hawaii and head to Coron or Boracay instead! You can find routes and fares at!

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