Deal Dispatch: Daily Getaways Week 4 – deals from Hilton, Marriott, Universal Studios, Ceasars and Orbitz

This week’s Daily Getaway Promotion by the U.S. Travel Association is offering deals by Hilton Honors, Marriott Hotels, Caesar Resorts & Casinos, Universal Studios and Orbitz, the online booking site! Check out my recommendations to pass or strike for each day!

DailyGetaway2017 Week4Monday: Universal Orlando Resort packages
Universal Studios is offering a number of tickets and vacation packages for their Orlando Resort. You can purchase two 3-park, 3-day tickets, a VIP Experience for a group of up to 12 people or a vacation including flights, hotel and park tickets for a family of 4 people.
I will pass – I’m not a fan of entertainment parks and have no plans to visit anytime soon.
Who should strike: If you are planning a trip, the tickets or VIP Experience might represent a discount over purchasing it otherwise and might work out for you. Read the terms and conditions carefully – there are blackout dates and plenty of conditions for use.
I’d pass on the vacation package – it’s hard to establish the value of the vacation package, as the inclusion of flights and different hotels makes this difficult to compare. You have little control and might end up with poor flights (red-eye or long connections) or a hotel you don’t like. 

Tuesday: Hilton Honors Reward points, 30,000-250,000 at 0.48ct/pt
Hilton Honors is a frequent participant in the Daily Getaway and is selling again points packages, this time of 30,000, 100,000 and 250,000 points. You can purchase up to 3 of the smallest package and 1 each of the larger ones for a total of 5 packages. 
Hilton just recently devalued the Honors program seems to acknowledge that with a lower price this year (0.48ct/pt instead of 0.5pt) and I value the points at 0.4 cents/point. If you are flexible with your stay, you can find more value like at the Doubletree Kuala Lumpur or the Hilton Garden Inn Bali!

Hilton Garden Inn Bali Pool

Hilton Garden Inn Bali Pool

I will pass: I have previously purchased points and also earned a lot from my AmEx Surpass card sign-up. I have had a hard time finding good value in the program and will need some time to use up those points!
Who should strike: If you travel a lot in the US or have plans for an aspirational property like the Conrad Rangali Maldives, you can get good value out of Hilton Honors points. But I would not recommend to purchase points speculatively. Hilton is moving more and more to a revenue-based redemption, making it more and more difficult to get more value than you pay for out of these points!

Wednesday: Caesars Resort & Casino packages
Caesars is again offering a number of packages for their resorts in Las Vegas, starting from $299 at Harrah’s Las Vegas up to $590 at The Cromwell or Nobu. 
I will pass: I have no plans to visit Las Vegas anytime soon, prefer to buy the best deal available when I do go and stay flexible to roam The Strip.
Who should strike: If you have a trip planned to one of the Caesars resorts and like the inclusions, this can represent a discount. Read the terms and conditions carefully and look at online prices before purchasing – you might be able to put a better deal together on your own!

Thursday: Marriott $100-$500 gift cards at 20% off
Marriott Hotels is selling gift cards with a face value of $100 (up to 3), $250 up to 2) and $500 (1) at 20% off. You can use them like cash at any Marriott Hotel for your stay, food, beverage, spa or retail and the cards don’t expire. They can’t be used at newly acquired Starwood properties, Ritz Carlton, Protea or Marriott Executive Apartments. These cards are one of the best deals of the Daily Getaway – which is why they have sold out very quickly each year!

Marriott Singapore Orchard

Marriott Singapore Orchard

I will strike (or try at least): These gift cards are a no-risk purchase for anybody planning to stay at a Marriott at some point in the future. I have tried to purchase them in the past, but never had any luck. I travel so much that it would be easy for me to use them at a Marriott hotel somewhere.
Who should strike: Anybody who has the time and doesn’t mind the disappointment of not getting a card should give it a try – it’s a sure discount for anybody looking to travel to destinations with Marriott hotels. 

Friday: Orbitz $1,000 Promo Code at 35% off
Orbitz is offering a $1,000 promo code for only $650. The code can be used for one pre-paid booking of one room at one hotel by December 31st, 2018. Not all hotels are included, taxes, fees and other charges are excluded, as well as rates that are paid at the hotel. You also can’t combine it with a flight or car booking and you loose the coupon value, if you book a reservation of less than $1,000.
I will pass: I rarely book any single stay of more than $1,000 at one hotel. I usually only stay 1-2 nights at one hotel and typically use points at very expensive ones. 
Who should strike: If you are planning a vacation with a longer stay at an expensive hotel, this is a great deal and a significant discount. There is some risk because you don’t know which hotels are excluded upfront, so being flexible on the hotel is helpful to mitigate the risk! I’d expect this deal to sell out quickly, so you’ll have to be online when it opens at 1:00pm Eastern!

You can look at the details and purchase the Daily Getaway’s here!

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