Deal Dispatch: Daily Getaway Week 5 – Deals from Hertz, Hyatt and Fairmont

The last week of the 2017 Daily Getaway Promotion by the U.S. Travel Association brings one of the most popular deals from Hyatt Hotels, as well as a car rental deal from Hertz and more hotel deals from Fairmont! Find all the details and my recommendations to pass or strike below!

DailyGetaway2017 Week5Monday: Fairmont Hotels in Hawaii and San Francisco
Fairmont is offering three free-night certificates for the Fairmont San Francisco for $834 and 6 free-night certificates valid at two Fairmont Hotels on Hawaii for $2,178. 
I will pass: While I have a trip to San Francisco planned, you can book the Fairmont for less than this rate on weekend days. It’s also not my favorite location (or hotel) in the city I love. And I don’t have any plans to visit Hawaii anytime soon!
Who should strike: If you are planning a trip to San Francisco during the week, this deal can safe you some money – the Fairmont can easily be over $350/night during the week. It’s up on the hill and not the most convenient location for access to public trains, but not bad. 
I am not familiar with the two Hawaii properties, but was able to beat the deal with a quick search on my favorite hotel search engine, so I’d pass!

San Francisco Ferry Building

San Francisco Ferry Building

Tuesday: Hertz Points Packages
Hertz is offering Hertz Gold points packages of 5,500, 13,200 and 16,500 points for their rewards program. They are labeled with sample uses of the points for a weekend or weekly rate, but can be used flexibly. 
I will pass: I was a frequent user of Hertz for years and always had a hard time using their points, resulting in them frequently expiring. There are restrictions on the use and they only apply for the base rate of the rental, not the often expensive fees and other charges.
Who should strike: I found Hertz Gold points one of the least useful and least valuable points currencies when earning them from car rentals and don’t recommend to buy them. If you are planning a rental, are already a member and have verified availability for that rental on points, this deal could be a discount – I’d do the math carefully before purchasing!

Wednesday: Hyatt Points Packages
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.34.47 PMLast deal, but certainly not least, is the sale of packages of Hyatt rewards points. You can purchase packages of 24,000 to 72,000 points at values between 1.04 – 1.1 cents/point. I value Hyatt reward points at 1.5 cents/point, making this a great deal. Many people seem to agree – the few packages available have sold out rapidly each year and I’ve never been able to snatch one!
I will strike (or try, again): Hyatt points are valuable and this is a great discount. I’ll try to purchase some, but will not be surprised, if I – yet again -are not able to due to the rush on the points!

Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Who should strike: Anybody traveling and willing or able to stay at Hyatt Hotels should consider buying some points, it’s a great discount and there are few restrictions. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to snatch some – most people who try won’t get any!

You can look at the details and purchase the Daily Getaway’s here!

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