Deal Dispatch: Daily Getaway 2016 Travel Deals week 4 & 5!

This week’s Deal Dispatch brings you the fourth and fifth week of deals from the Daily Getaway 2016, including deals from Universal Studios, Loews and Fairmont Hotels, Hyatt and Alamo Car Rental! Read my evaluation whether you should jump on any of these deals or rather save your heard-earned money for other travel opportunities.

After seeing a lot of the great deals of week one and two selling out quickly, here is an advanced look at the deals of week three, so you can plan ahead and get ready to purchase something that works for you! Next weeks’ (April 25-29) daily deals look as follows:

Daily Getaway 2016 Week 4

The best deal this week in my opinion is by Hyatt: You can buy packages of 24,000-72,000 points at roughly 1 cent per point! I value Hyatt points at over 1.5 cpp, so this is a 50% discount and a great deal. It’s such a great deal in fact, that similar Hyatt offers in previous years sold out in seconds, so if you want one of the few packages available you better have your browser open and cursor hovering over the buy-link by the time the deal comes available! I would love to buy some of those points, but will most likely be sound asleep at that time and miss out!
The deals by Loews, Fairmont and Universal Studios are more focused deals: If you have plans to stay in those locations or visit the entertainment park, I’d recommend to compare the prices during your visit with the deals offered here – and only purchase when they offer a good discount. I have stayed at a few Loews and Fairmont hotels and enjoyed them, but have no current plans that would fit with these offers.
Alamo Car Rental offers $50 certificates for $25 – a 50% discount on the face of it. The fine print reveals that this deal only applies to the base rental (without fees, surcharges, etc) and cannot be combined with other offers or promotional codes. Because rack rates for car rentals are notoriously high, your discount is likely to be a lot less than 50% when compared to the frequent promotional rates available. There is a limit to 3 certificates per rental and it only works for rentals in the USA. I can’t remember the last time I rented from Alamo, so I can’t comment on quality or service. I’ll pass on this deal and rather look for the cheapest deal available when I need a car!
But, if any of these deals work out for you, get ready to buy them here!

There are a few more days of deals at the end of April and you can see the last week of deals here:Daily Getaway 2016 Week 5The best of these deals if by Marriott: They offer a 20% discount on any spend at a Marriott hotel and that’s a great deal. I have previously bought Marriott gift cards and they are easy to use. You can book the lowest rate on their web site and apply the card to the total bill, including restaurant or other incidental charges! You will still earn points on your stay and there is no expiration rate, so no risk associated with the purchase. I expect them to sell out quickly, but if I’m awake, I might give it a shot to buy some and save on my next Marriott stay! This is also a great opportunity to reach a minimum spend on a new credit card to earn a sign-up bonus.

The hotel deals on the last day of deals are again more focused, great if you have plans for those resorts and can’t find a better price online! I would not recommend to purchase, if you haven’t already planned a stay and looked at prices!

Avis offers a 1-day rental certificate for $30, but like with the other car rental offers, it comes with lots of conditions. There are a limited number of cars available for this deal, it only works in the US (and New York is excluded) and there are an unspecified number of blackout dates! You can use it for cars up to Premium (G), but not for specialty cars. And you can combine up to 7 certificates for one rental, so up to a week! While this is probably the best of the deals available, I’ll still pass and take my chances by looking for the best deal available when I book. If you have an expensive car rental coming up, this might be worth checking out – I’d recommend to check with Avis for the blackout dates first though!
You can book those deals here!

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