Deal Dispatch: Daily Getaway 2016 Deals of week 3!

This week’s Deal Dispatch brings you the third week of deals from the Daily Getaway 2016, including deals from Diamond Resorts, Hilton, Hertz and Las Vegas Casinos! Read my evaluation whether you should jump on any of these deals or rather save your heard-earned money for other travel opportunities.

After seeing a lot of the great deals of week one selling out quickly, here is an advanced look at the deals of week three, so you can plan ahead and get ready to purchase something that works for you! Next weeks (April 18-22) daily deals look as follows:

Daily Getaway 2016 Week 3

The best deal this week in my opinion is by Hilton: You can buy packages of 100-250,000 points at 0.5 cents per point for the Hilton HHonors rewards program. That is roughly what I value HHonors points at, so it is not as big a discount as with Choice or IHG Rewards in earlier deals. If you are planning some stays at Hilton hotels in expensive locations or during high-season, this can save you some money. I wouldn’t recommend to buy at that price for speculative reasons – the points are too expensive for that!
The Las Vegas casino resort offers by Caesars, Venetian and Palazzo are more focused deals: If you are planning a stay in Las Vegas, I’d recommend to compare the prices during your visit with the deals offered here – and only purchase when they offer a good discount. I have stayed at Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian and Palazzo and enjoyed all three of them for the location, rooms and entertainment offerings.
The Diamond Resorts are basically timeshare properties and you are buying a stay at one of their 71 properties in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. I am not a fan of time shares and their heavy-handed sales tactics. The last thing I want on a vacation is to listen to hours of sales pitches. I have also done the math and have never found a timeshare that is a good investment, so proceed with caution. This is one deal I’m certain to skip!
The last and least deal of the week (for me) is the Hertz offer. I used to rent Hertz cars every week for business travel and no them pretty well. You are not really buying a weekly rental, you are buying points in their rewards program, which is part why I wouldn’t recommend this deal: I had lots of problems trying to redeem my points and had thousands of them expire. There never seem to be availability for rewards rentals, despite me usually traveling outside of high-season and to unusual places! So, for this deal as well, proceed with caution and I’m certain to skip it!

But, if any of these deals work out for you, get ready to buy them here!

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