Deal Dispatch: Amazon Prime Day!

This week’s Deal Dispatch comes early, so you can take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day for all the things you might need for traveling! From Kindle Unlimited at 40% off to Fire tablets from $33 and cameras and storage, there’s lots available, so check it out now!

The bad news about Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is that it’s only available to Prime members. The good news is that you can sign up for a free 30 day trial – and July, the month of Prime Day is the best to do that trial and nobody has to miss the deals!

The deal I was waiting for and jumped on immediately is the Kindle Unlimited membership at 40% off, or for as little as $6/month. You get access to over 1 Million ebooks through Kindle Unlimited and can borrow up to 10 books at a time. What makes this a slam-dunk for anybody who loves to travel is that Lonely Planet guides, my favorite travel guide books are included in the library. You can download the guides prior to your trip to prepare, add a few books to read on the plane or on the beach and return all of them after you get home. That beats carrying around the extra weight of the books and buying them individually! You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited at 25-40% off here!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.48.59 AMI read a lot on my phone or tablet, but if you need a new device to read all those ebooks on your trip, you can get one from Amazon on sale as well. The Fire tablet is available from only $33.33 or 33% off! You get a 7 inch tablet with 8GB of storage in one of four colors for that. It does have ads on it at that price. You can get rid of the ads and get 16GB storage – the most expensive one is $68.33, still a great deal. You can buy the different versions here! The price and small size make it perfect for traveling – it’s easy to carry and if it should get stolen, it’s not going to ruin your trip (like the loss of an iPad at 20x the price might!).

A gadget that has been winning over the hearts of active travelers is the GoPro – it’s small, easy to use and takes great video, especially if you are doing action sports like mountain biking, snowboarding or diving! While I haven’t bought one myself – yet – I’ve seen the results and they are pretty impressive! You can currently get a GoPro Hero Session for $199! The bundle includes the camera, SC card and case!

And that leads me to the last pick for this years Amazon Prime Day Deal Dispatch – SD cards. Between cameras, phones and tablets, you can never have too much storage. Prime Day offers a whole list of SD cards on sale, with large and fast SanDisk 64GB cards starting at only $14.99! You can find the list of cards to choose from here!

These are the Prime Deals that stood out for me from a travel perspective – browse around, there are lots more to choose from – happy hunting! Be quick, Prime Day will be over soon!

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