Deal Dispatch: Air Berlin topbonus award flights from 1,500 miles only!

Air Berlin regularly runs topdeal promotions for their award program topbonus, offering award flights at a discount! The latest promotion is under way, offering one-way award tickets from as little as 1,500 miles. Discounts are available for domestic flights in Germany, European and global destinations and are as high as 75% of the regular price! I have gone through the offers and picked some of the best deals after the break!

Of course the “best deal” is the deal that works for you, so I’ll focus on some of the highest discounts and lowest prices for routes available. All awards are one-way and taxes & fees are extra:

airberlin-topdeals-201609Hannover – Stuttgart:  1,500 miles (regular: 7,500)
Hannover – Mallorca:  2,500 miles (10,000)
Berlin – Abu Dhabi:    12,500 miles (30,000)
Berlin – Chicago:        15,000 miles (25,000)
Cologne – Malaga:       2,500 miles (10,000)
Dusseldorf – Faro:        2,500 miles (10,000)
Dusseldf – New York: 15,000 miles (25,000)
Dussledf – San Francisco: 15,000 miles (25,000)

There are countless other routes on sale as well for purchase by September 25th, 2016 and for travel between October 2016 and April 2017. Some of the prices vary by period or the discounts are only available for part of the period. As always, seats are limited, so the sooner you book the better your chances to find a seat at these prices for the dates you want.

Also, keep in mind that Air Berlin charges taxes and fees, including the dreaded fuel surcharges for award tickets. While there is nothing any of can do about taxes and government fees, fuel surcharges at a time of very low oil prices are nothing but a money grab. It’s especially troubling that Air Berlin is charging higher “fuel surcharges” on award tickets than on regular cash tickets, so make sure to compare the fees with the price of a regular ticket – in some cases the fees on an award ticket can be HIGHER than buying a full ticket! Always check before you buy! You can find all the available discount awards here!
Especially the long-haul routes to North America or the Middle East can be interesting, even if you don’t have enough miles for a round trip. You can always purchase a one-way ticket on a low-cost carrier like Norwegian Air or Wow to get back! If you are only a few miles short, read my review of topbonus reward program to find out how you can earn miles easily without flying!

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