Deal Dispatch: $1,349 for two-week SE Asia, deals on itunes, laptops

I’m not really a big fan of cruises, but it can be an easy introduction to a region you might otherwise not consider – it requires less effort and is much easier to see different places in just one trip at a reasonable price and without a lot of preparation. And make sure to bring some entertainment along…

Cruise: Celebrity has several of their Asia cruises on sale. One 14-night cruise leaves from Singapore, includes visits to Bali, Thailand and Malaysia and costs $1,349 including drinks. The other 14-night cruise leaves from Hongkong and includes Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore for $1,399, also including drinks. It would take a lot more time to visit all those places on your own and by plane, so this could be a good introduction to South East Asia – and you’ll probably want to come back later! You can find this and other deals on Travelzoo!

Laptop: If you want to take a laptop on your trip, but don’t want to risk your expensive work computer or MacBook, why not try a cheap alternative – a Chromebook? I’ve been using a Chromebook as a travel computer for a while and it gets the basics done!. Keep in mind that it doesn’t run any Windows applications, only web browsing and specific Chrome apps from Google and others. Currently, you can pick up a refurbished Toshiba Chromebook 13in for only $199. You can find smaller 11in ones for even less.

iTunes: If you want to take some music or movies on the road, you can do it a little cheaper right now and buy iTunes giftcards for 20% off. They don’t expire, so you can’t really loose on this deal!

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