Daily Getaways 2018 Week2: Hilton, Wyndham, Omni, Hertz and Las Vegas

The Daily Getaways is sponsored by the US Travel Association and offers a number of travel related deals each year. Week 2 of the 2018 Daily Getaways offers Hilton Honors award points, Wyndham Rewards points as well as hotel packages for Las Vegas hotels and Omni Hotels. You’ll also be able to buy Hertz Gold points for car rentals! Find out my take on these deals and whether you should strike or pass!

As every year, the deals are released on a daily schedule and some of the best deals sell out very quickly, so it pays to mark your calendar for the deals you are interested in. Week 2 looks like this:

The week kicks off with three packages of Hilton Honors points, ranging from 30,000 points for $150 to 250,000 points for $1,250. 250,000 points will get you two nights at the fantastic (and fantastically expensive) Conrad Rangali Maldives or 50 nights at the very nice and much more affordable Hilton Garden Inn Bali – the choice is yours! Regardless of the package, the price per point is 0.5 cents/point. Hilton Honors sells points at that price several times a year, so it is a good deal, but not a very special deal. I value Hilton Honors points at 0.4 cents/point after the frequent devaluations, so I would only recommend to buy points, if you have a high-value redemption already in mind (and available)! I wouldn’t buy them speculatively – another sale will certainly come around in the next few months!

Conrad Rangali Pool

On Tuesday, you can purchase 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175. That is another price increase from $150 two years ago and $165 last year. I purchased points the last two years and saved more than 50% on Wyndham hotels with them. Unfortunately, Wyndham just recently devalue the best use of Wyndham points, GoFast awards, making it much more difficult to get good value out of the program. 15,000 points are still good for one night at any of more than 8,000 Wyndham hotels, like the very expensive Wyndham Santa Monica! I have previously valued Wyndham points at 1cent/point, but expect to reduce that in my next review. I will pass on buying additional points this year and recommend that you only purchase them, if you plan a stay at a Wyndham Hotel that is more expensive than $175/night!

Wyndham Santa Monica

On April 18, 2018, you can choose from several hotel packages for casinos in Las Vegas – from four nights at the Exalibur for $475 to a “Suite & Show” at Bellagio for $2,000. If you have a trip to Las Vegas in mind and these rates beat the prices during your dates – go for it! With hotel prices flactuating wildly in Las Vegas, I’d only purchase it with dates in mind and rates checked!

Thursday brings several packages of Hertz Gold points for car rentals, starting with a week-long standard car rental for $280 to a week-long Prestige Collection rental for $689. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully. Hertz Points have a lot of restrictions and I had points expire a few times, because I couldn’t use them. Make sure you have a booking in mind that would be more expensive (not only with Hertz, but with any car rental company!) AND allows you to use the points!

The week ends with various hotel packages from Omni Hotels, starting at $160. The vouchers are valid for specific hotels and/or weekend/weekdays, so read the details of each offer carefully to make sure you’ll be able to use the voucher for the stay you have in mind!

Bottomline: As tempting as these deals might sound, make sure that you have plans how to use them. They all come with restrictions and hotel points continue to loose value every year, so I recommend to only buy points with particular uses in mind. If you have a use in mind, sign up for the reminders and be quick to buy, as many of these deals sell out quickly every year! You can find all the details an buy the Daily Getaways Deals here!

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