Cool & peaceful escape from the crowds of Bangkok – Benchasiri Park

After a few days of fighting Bangkok traffic, touring the sites or exploring crowded malls, taking a break from the crowds seems like a great idea. But how do you escape the crowds in this busy city of more than 8 million people? You head to one of the parks that are a green oasis for a stroll, a snack on a park bench or some of the best people watching in Bangkok, the City of Angels! And Benchasiri Park is conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road near Phrom Pong BTS in the heart of it all!

Benchasiri Park is located right next to the BTS SkyTrain station Phrom Pong and surrounded by malls, high-rise offices, residences and hotels. It has a small lake in the center and is surrounded by greenery and old trees. These huge, old trees offer a lot of shade, a welcome break from Bangkok’s sun. Paths are meandering around the park, making for an easy stroll. There are plenty of benches along the path, inviting you to sit down for a rest. Or you can settle on the lawn for a picnic and look out over the lake.

Benchasiri Park, Bangkok

A lot of locals opt for a more active break, especially in the evening, and go for a run around the park. There are also courts to play volleyball or the local foot-volleyball, a challenging game that’s fun to watch. Others take advantage of the “jungle gym” with plenty of exercise equipment to get a full-body workout – or to update your social media, obviously!

The park is a microcosm of live in Bangkok – you can see people exercise, couples on dates or families on trips. There are stressful phone calls underway and countless selfies taken. If you want to see a little more of how people live in Bangkok, this is a spot to add to your list. Come for a break from the city, learn about life in Bangkok!

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