Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program is getting better – UPDATE!

I posted about the recent launch of Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program. This post highlights some updates I got from Nik Laming, the General Manager of the Loyalty Division. UPDATE: I have since written a full, in-depth review of the GetGo rewards program – click HERE to read all the information about earning rewards points, how to redeem them and how much they are worth!

The good news is that you can redeem points for any seat on any plane, no restrictions or blackouts. You can also use the points not only for the base fare, but for taxes and fees as well, so you can get a totally free flight – which most conventional rewards programs don’t allow!

According to Nik, the points needed per ticket are variable and there is no fixed redemption value assigned. That sounds like the point system mirrors the cash pricing system for tickets, assigning a value based on routing, distance, load factors, and potentially a host of others. In addition, you can use cash and points for reward flights – the Cebu Pacific system will automatically calculate the needed cash top-up for a ticket you like, if you don’t have enough points already.

While that still doesn’t quite answer the question how many points you will need for a ticket, Nik did say that a member already redeemed a trip for as little as 100 points plus taxes and charges! That is good news as it puts a reward ticket into reach even for infrequent fliers! Let’s hope the GetGo team adds some of these exciting redemptions examples to the site, so people know what they are saving for.

I have a few flights on Cebu Pacific coming up soon and will post a more detailed review, including the group features! Based on what I’ve seen so far, Cebu Pacific is continuing its unconventional approach to the market. While they are late to the rewards program competition, they used the time to come up with something fresh!

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Cebu Pacific’s GetGo rewards program is getting better – UPDATE! — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks for the update Rupert! Unfortunately I’m having problems registering for a GetGo account. I’ve already tried the Forgot Password method but still couldn’t sign up. I emailed GetGo and got this email response:

    I received your email and I do apologize for the inconvenience and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

    Ceb Club is now GetGo. We are still updating Ceb Club accounts into GetGo for you to enjoy its full benefits. I did search your account and found out that it’s not yet updated and not yet transferred to GetGo. I have escalated it to our support team to updated and you will be receiving an email from us if it was successfully updated. We will keep you posted from time to time.


    That was last month, Jan 28. Haven’t received anything until now. 🙁

  2. uhoh… looks like they are still working through the technical issues… it took them a few days to respond to me as well… I’d send them a follow up email, it helped in my case…

  3. It’s still a raw deal. You only get to earn points for your own flight, unlike some other airline loyalty programs wherein you get points for flights you book for others (provided you are also in the traveling party).

    You’d have to get separate membership for each member of the family, book separately and create a circle to maximize your points. Seems like a hassle.

    • True, it’s a little extra work and money, too. I didn’t sign up my parents and sister, because they don’t fly often enough to even justify the sign-up fee and effort… Collecting points for others is often reserved for travel managers though, so not easy to do as a regular family – which airline are you collecting points for others?

    • Alexa i’ve received points for flights booked for my girlfriend. She needed her own membership ofcourse (150 php) but once you input the flight details for yourself and others the points pop straight into the account. Create an earnings group and invite them to it so you are the head of the group. The combined points sit in the account. It also tells me what percentage of points is contributed from each individual.

      It would be better if there was a straight forward flight value (php) to points exchange rather than fluctuating exchange values but so far not had any online problems. Have yet to redeem my points as a ticket but maybe one day soon. Goodluck 🙂

      • The fluctuating points value has its advantages and disadvantages: More recently, Cebu Pacific has run some promotions with much higher point values than in the beginning. You can get some really good deals, if you are flexible!

  4. It’s been a week since i signed up for a get go membership card. I still haven’t received anything. Does it really take that long before they send you your card?

    • I signed up as a previous Cebu Club member, but haven’t actually ordered the card. I just use my account to book and give the agents my number (printed it out from the web site). You should be able to earn and redeem points, even if you haven’t received the physical card. I’d give it some time, seems to be typical – my PAL card hasn’t arrived after 8 weeks…

  5. There seemed to be a problem in joining this GetGo. For the past week and up to now, I tried countless of times registering my son, The website just hangs up after you press “submit”. I emailed them also to no availl, hopefully for now. I think Cebu Pac needs to have a major rework or re-staffing of their IT department.

    • Hi Jogi,
      Sorry to hear about your problems. I have forwarded your message to the GetGo team and asked to follow up with you. In the meantime, you can try the following trick that can help, if it is a browser problem due to already having an account from your computer:
      1. Clear the history and cache of your browser or select the “private” or “incognito” mode of the browser
      2. DON’T sign into your existing account, but start fresh with your son’s sign-up like a new customer.
      Hope that helps, enjoy the program and travel safely!

    • Hi Jogi, I passed your issue along and they have followed up with you by email already to resolve it! Please check your email and spam folder! Glad they are able to help you quickly!
      Save travels, Rupert

  6. the citibank cebpac points is better than this.
    it earns point even you someone else as long as you use your citicard.
    i called citi and ask them how much do i get if i convert my point to get go and they said it is divided by 50.
    so from previous Citi to cebpac points: 1M = 10,000.00 pesos (evoucher)
    to Citi to getgo: 1M = 20,000.00 points
    take note point not pesos.
    it up to there system how this points can be used.
    im totally dismayed with this scheme.

    • Arl, you are right – the value of your Citibank Ceb points is less under the new program:
      Old: 1,000,000 ceb points = 10,000 peso voucher
      New: 1,000,000 ceb points – 20,000 GetGo points = value approximately 6,000 pesos
      (see my full post on the program for calculation details:
      The deadline for the new rules is April 15th, so you might want to get the vouchers under the old program this week!
      The redemption value of the GetGo points is very competitive with other airline reward programs. The issue is the poor conversion rate from Citibank to GetGo – you might want to look into alternative credit cards. Even Citibank has other cards that transfer to multiple airlines!

    • Not sure – any chance you were a Ceb Club member before? If so, your address is already in the Cebu Pacific system and you can get a new password:
      Go to, click on “Log In”, click on “Forgot password?”
      You will receive an email with a temporary password and can log in as a member.
      If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest to contact the GetGo customer support.
      Good luck, travel safely!

    • Irene, you can use your account without the physical card – I’d contact them by email, seems to work pretty well! Safe travels!

  7. I have been a member of CEB Club for a couple of years and had close to fifty flights in that time.
    When Getgo was launched I really expected a smooth transition but it is anything but smooth or user friendly. I am absolutely dismayed at the fact that this is a major airline within Asia that could afford the best software and the best programmers, but it would appear that the whole system has been done on the cheap by substandard programmers and is being managed in the most inefficient way by untrained and inefficient data technicians and admin staff.
    Come on Cebu Pacific this is not good enough

    • Hi Cliff,
      I hear you – I’ve got a lot of comments on the problems with the program. Unfortunately, that’s fairly typical for large IT programs. Even United Airlines went through huge problems with their IT after the merger with Continental. I’ve managed large IT projects as a career for many years – and it’s tough, but of course doable. It looks to me like CEB Club actually designed the system very well (I like the integration into the booking engine – that’s pretty cool), but is struggling executing the complex solution and getting the bugs fixed quickly… I wouldn’t necessarily conclude that the developers are untrained, sub-standard or inefficient – I don’t know their team, but I’d venture to guess that they don’t have enough budget and are resource constrained… I’ve seen it before: too many bugs and too few people to fix them, so they get done one at a time, frustrating the customers in the process… let’s hope they work through it and it gets better soon, for all of us!

  8. Hi, i’ve been trying to redeem my points in my getgo acct but everytime I did that, there’s an error prompt saying “opps something went out wrong.. “. I have aready raised this issue to getgo but didn’t receive anything from them. Has anyone encountered the same? If there is, it would be helpful if someone can share getgo’s response on this. Thanks

    • Sorry to hear about the issue. Haven’t had it myself, but maybe somebody else can comment?
      Have you tried to use your browser in “private” or “incognito” mode? Sometimes it’s just a browser issue…

  9. I am trying to join Getgo. I have filled out the proper questioner but I don’t have a landline. Can I join at Cebu Pacific ticket counter

    • You don’t need a landline to join – you can sign up online, by calling or SMS – not sure about the ticket counter!

      Website: Visit GetGo website at
      Email: Email the GetGo Team at
      Phone: Call GetGo Team at 714-3846 (71GetGo)
      SMS: Send an SMS to 0922-114-3846 (0922 11GetGo) in this message format:
      getgo,reg,first name,last name,dob(mmddyyyy),email
      Example: getgo,reg,david,cruz,01011970,

  10. Don’t be fooled by this program. I had applied for it, paid and its almost 2 years now and i haven’t gotten my membership packet and card.
    They are only after your payment then leave you in the dark.

    • Yes, the membership cards seem to be a problem – I haven’t received mine either, but you can earn and redeem points without the physical card.

  11. we wish this getgo program be more customer friendly.. first: you cannot use it to book a flight over the counter. they said you have to book online.. then if you try to book online, the getgo site said there is an “ERROR” whenever we tried to redeem a free flight.. it has been 02 days now and we still are unsuccessful in booking a free flight.. why not make it usable over the counter if they are truly serious about giving us our rewards..????

    • I’d think it’s more cost effective for CebuPacific – have you tried calling their support line to assist you with the booking online? They should be able to address the error message you received.

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