Cebu Pacific launches Rewards Program GetGo

Cebu Pacific has so far focused on low, low fares – now they just launched their own rewards program: GetGo! UPDATE: I have since this post written a full, detailed review of the GetGo program – click HERE to go to the full review!

If you have never heard about Cebu Pacific airline, read my over view at Cebu Pacific – Facts & Figures, my review of Cebu Pacific Economy Class and my suggestions on How to best earn GetGo points with a Citibank credit card!

Sign up is easy: As an existing club member, you just request a new password via the “forgot password” link and your account is set-up with your Cebu Club email. You already have been assigned an account number and personal data is pre-filled. You can add your passport information for international flights as well your home airport and favorite domestic and international destinations. Interesting enough, getting a membership card will cost you PHP150 (about USD3.50), which is similar to the local competition Philippine Airlines, where only Elite members will get their card for free. Sign-up for new members is also PHP150, which then includes the card.

Earning points: GetGo is a revenue based program, like most new discount carrier programs, and you earn 1 point for every 5 Pesos spent (or 9 points per USD). You can also earn points with partners, which at this time is only Citibank with their credit cards. You can claim points for missing flights, including flights for the last 30 days before launching the program (December 16th, 2014).

Redeeming points: Redeeming points is still a mystery – there is no conversion for a revenue-based redemption defined. And neither is a table for redemption by zones or distance. The FAQ has only this to say:
“How many points are needed to redeem a flight?
The number of points required for a reward flight varies according to seasonality, demand, time of booking, destination, and other factors and is subject to change anytime.”
I’d assume that the redemption is also revenue based, similar to AirAsia. You can top up your points with cash, if you don’t have enough points for a redemption. I will try to get an answer from the GetGo team – without knowing the value of the points for redemption, it’s impossible to evaluate the program. UPDATE: Read the full review here to get information about the redemption value!

What else is there? Interestingly, GetGo adds two innovative features: Circles and Share. You can create a “Circle” with up to 7 other members and pool your points into one balance to be redeemed by the “head” of the circle or any nominated member. If you travel as a group, you are able to redeem for a free ticket quicker. You can also great a “Share” group of up to seven people to give your points to. If you are a member of a “Circle”, you can share the “Circle” balance with somebody you nominate, but a “Share” nominee cannot access your points or the “Circle” balance. The Philippines are very family oriented and this feature makes perfect sense. This is something, other airlines should copy if they want to establish loyalty among not-so-frequent-fliers by actually collecting enough points for a redemption.

Until I find out more about the value of the points, it’s hard to tell how good this program will be. I will start collecting points on an upcoming flight and will keep you posted!


Cebu Pacific launches Rewards Program GetGo — 84 Comments

  1. So glad I found this.

    Please write an update on this! I’d like to sign up but I haven’t read any real reviews about the GetGo program. will be waiting for you update.

  2. Im trying to redeem points that I received from CITI bank and the site is always showing error message. I called them to book over the phone but they insist I need to do it online. I already tried 3 gadgets and getting the same thing. I’m pretty sure it’s not the gadget or internet connection, it’s the website that is having problems. haist…

    • Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Citibank site. I haven’t tried it to transfer points. When I had similar web site issues, I tried it from a desktop/laptop computer and cleared all history from the browser or used the private/incognito mode.
      If that doesn’t work, call Citibank back and have them walk you through the steps, so they can see where the error occurs and fix it! Good luck!

  3. I called Citibank to ask about the conversion of my CEB points on my Cebu Pacific credit card. They referred me to Get Go. I called Get Go and they told me to make an account first. To be a member, you have to pay P150. I am not a frequent flyer & I would just like to avail of my hundred thousand CEB points as a reward. I called Citibank & they gave me a Pre Assigned get go number to not pay the membership amount but UNFORTUNATELY, the pre assigned get go number is invalid. Same with Rupert up there, errors always come up so I can’t make my account because it wouldn’t allow me. So I now call Cebu Pac to assist me with my getgo points to be redeemed for extra baggage allowance but they do not know anything about what the Get Go promo and points are all about. They asked me to call Get Go for my concern. Get go says Cebu Pac will be the one to issue me the extra bag allowance. They keep on passing me off to each other! Just shut down this joke of rewards system when they really don’t intend to train people about the services they offer because it looks like there was never any points allowed to be used as free tickets/extra bag allowance/meals on plane anyway. This is just plain stupid & a major waste of time.

    • Sorry to hear about the issues you have. The GetGo program is still new and has some growing pains. I had good success by emailing the issue to the GetGo program and suggest you send them your pre-assigned number to get your account going and start using your points. Considering the large number of points you have, it would also be worth the P150 fee!

  4. When Cebu Pacific is giving something for free: be aware, only bad service and trouble!

    They even are too “kuripot” to put tissues in their lavatories.

    Remember the owner is a Chinese family. They like only your money and will never care for their costumer seriously.

    Free flights? LOL “free trouble”

    • Sorry, you had a bad experience with Cebu Pacific. I have been on many flights and didn’t have any service issues. I found the service to be comparable to other low-cost carriers in the region and the tickets to be great value! Hope you have more luck the next time!

  5. Just want to ask how can i be a member of getgo?
    I tried to sign up but they need a visa card or mastercard to pay for getgo membership card, the problem now is i dont have a visa or mastercard to pay for the 150 pesos, how can i be a member or can i pay it cash?.
    I am already a Cebu Club member.Thank you.

    • Hi Jhana,
      If you are already a Cebu Club member, you are already pre-registered:
      1. Go to the GetGo home page:
      2. Click on “LOGIN” in the upper, right-hand corner
      3. Click on “Forgot Password?” link and enter the email address from your Cebu Club account
      4. Check your email account – you should receive an email from GetGo with a link to reset your password.
      5. Follow the steps in the email/online and your Cebu Club account will be converted to GetGo
      This process worked for me and you don’t need a credit card for it. You only need to pay the P150, if you want the plastic card. I just printed out/wrote down my GetGo number and use that, without the card…
      Hope this works for you!

      • Thank You for the immediate response.
        I have another question, I already know my getgo membership no. but I already booked my flights, can I still get my points?

      • Yes, you can!
        If you haven’t traveled yet, you can ask the staff at check-in to add your number to the record.
        If the points don’t post within 7 days after traveling, you can request the missing points on the getgo web site – just go to the menu “My Points” –> “Missing Points” and fill out the form.
        I have done that twice and the points posted within a few days.
        Safe travels!

  6. Hi! I registered the Getgo promo. I booked a flights traveling to September 2015, 4 passengers. Can i get a points of them? Booking made last May 30, 2015.

    Thank you

    • Yes, just give the agent at check-in your GetGo number to add it to the record.
      If the points don’t post within 7 days after traveling, you can request the missing points on the getgo web site – just go to the menu “My Points” –> “Missing Points” and fill out the form.
      If you would like the points for all four people, all four have to sign up for an account. You can group the accounts and share the points!

  7. Please don’t use this loyalty program. It is being operated by a bunch of ####. From the ‘get-go’ all I’ve been experience from them are major ####-ups.

    Problem 1: Registering was a giant pain in the ass. I followed the whole ‘forget password’ method and it didn’t work. It took them 2 effing weeks and 100 phone calls to get my email address/Cebu Pacific account registered properly. This was in January 2015.

    Problem 2: I received an email from GetGo CebuPacific, asking for my personal details. The address was legit. According to the email, it was for a free membership card. Thinking it was some kind of compensation for the trouble I went through registering my email, I went ahead and filled up the form and sent it back. Lo and behold, GetGo emailed back ASKING WHY I WAS SENDING PERSONAL INFORMATION. I called them up and asked them to read the email thread where it was clearly indicated that it was for the Membership Card. They acknowledged the email but claimed that it was sent accidentally by Cebu Pacific (turuan, of course) and there’s no such thing as a free membership card. So yeah, “SORRY FOR GIVING YOU FALSE HOPE KIDDO! YA AIN’T GETTING ####! SANTA DOESN’T EXIST EITHER HA.HA.HA!” This was probably in Feb or March 2015.

    I should’ve given up on them then but I didn’t soooo…

    Problem 3: I added the points from past flights and got to only about 2000+ points. I did a test-booking with the points by using the Redeem function. As with all other airlines that have loyalty points, people do this to check how much discount they can get with their points by doing a test-booking right? Heck we even do this without the points, just so we can see how much we need to pay for the flight. When I was satisfied with the information on the Confirmation page (before the Payment page), I took note of the price and just closed the tab. When I logged in back to my GetGo page, guess what I saw? ALL MY POINTS WERE GONE. As in PU******* all 2000+ points, GONE. I was so shocked and angry that it felt like my computer mouse was already melting from the heat of my entire angry body. I wanted to throw my heavy-duty stapler at our I.T. engineer who just happened to pass by and I swear I thought I could smell my bangs burning due to my burning brain.

    Of course I called them up and the conversation basically went like this:

    GetGo: Mam your points are missing because the payment went through when you did the test-booking.

    Me: How in Odin’s scraggly beard’s name could that have happened when
    1) I never got to the payment page and
    2) I did not get any notification in my email that I paid for anything (WELL MAYBE BECAUSE I REALLY #### DID NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!) and
    3) There is no sign in my CebuPacific or GetGo accounts page that I paid for anything!!! MEANING THERE IS NOTHING IN MY ITINERARY LIST!!?? (BECAUSE I REALLY #### DID NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!) IF A PAYMENT REALLY DID GET THROUGH, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN MY LIST OF ITINERARIES. Even cancelling a confirmed booking won’t remove it from the Itinerary list!

    GetGo: *thinks for a moment* Mam because since you did not continue the booking, the booking was automatically cancelled in less than 24 hours. That’s why it’s missing from your itinerary list.

    [I thought — Maybe if I stayed quiet for a few seconds he’ll realize how moronic his response is.. But he didn’t so I just repeated points 1-3.]


    Me: All-####-right just make sure you return my damn points.

    -end of conversation-

    This was in late April or first week of May. I’ve been e-mailing them until now. My last email was today, June 23, 2015. They’ve never responded to my emails since that phone call. I STILL DON’T HAVE MY POINTS.

    I registered (well the first attempt) in January 2015. So like I said, from the get-go man, from the get-go.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience – it sounds really frustrating and I can understand that’s making you angry! I do want to publish all comments, good or bad, and did black out (###) swear words to do so.
      Here are a few comments:
      1. Sign-up worked fine for me personally, but other people have reported issues as well. Seems like there are some IT issues holding up the process. I recommend to send an email, so you have documentation.
      2. I recommend to NEVER send personal information in response to an email, even if from a legitimate looking address. Instead, call or email a published number/address and verify, provide information over the phone if necessary.
      3. The membership card is not really needed to participate in the program. I have the number on my phone instead, less plastic to carry around. I do think that charging 150PHP for a “loyalty” program is odd, but seems to be typical in the Philippines – PAL is doing the same!
      4. If you want to check out what you can get for your points, you can pull up the redeem screen, enter your flight details and pull up the flight options. The next screen will list all the flights with the points needed. Based on your experience, it sounds like there are some IT issues for GetGo to work out and we shouldn’t go further than the initial screen, unless we are ready to book the tickets. I hope your bad experience helps other people avoid that situation.
      From my personal experience, I found the GetGo customer service staff to be responsive and helpful – they addressed the issues I had quickly and without a lot of fuss.
      Overall, it looks like the GetGo has some growing pains with their new processes and systems. In fairness, they are doing more than some competitors: PAL for example still doesn’t allow online award bookings – and their program has been running for years! Let’s hope the issues get sorted out quickly.
      My opinion is that anybody flying Cebu Pacific a lot should sign up for the program to earn the 6% discount. If you don’t fly a lot or the effort or issues are not worth it to you, skip it!

      • Hi Rupert,

        I’m amazed that you actually responded to my rants. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. (I hope GetGo hires you to train their people.)

        If I ever get my points, I’ll follow your tip regarding the Redeem screen.

        Regarding their customer service, they were actually very responsive when I encountered the first 2 problems (registration and the free card). In fact I remember thinking back then ‘Wow at least effective ang customer service nila.’ But when my points disappeared, they stopped responding to my e-mails. Wow.

        So sorry you had to go to the trouble of removing my swear words! I thought I already asterisk’d them out before clicking the post button!

        Thanks again for responding!

      • No worries, glad you posted! I know how you feel – I just spent 12h with another airline to make what should be a simple change. I will have to do a few revisions of that post before publishing it 😉
        Please do let me know, when you get your points. I sure hope it works out.
        Travel safely,

    • Hi, as far as I understand, GetGo is replacing the CebClub. By joining GetGo, you get the benefits of what was CebClub + the chance to earn and redeem points. You can join GetGo here:
      GetGo Sign-up

  8. This getgo rewards system is a joke, i was a member of this from the start. And based on what i read before, your points earned for conversion is 1pt=P1. After collecting points for the past year, i have accumulated 3700 pts. I was saving it so i can use it for 1 round trip ticket for domestic flight. Now when i was about to book a flight using my getgo points, they let you log in to your account, then they will automatically convert the flight prices to getgo points which is waaaaaayyy too high. So basically when you use your points, youll probably end up combining it with cash also. And at the end, when i triple checked, its much cheaper when you dont use your getgo points which ultimately makes it useless. So dont bother wasting your time on this getgo scam of cebupac.
    You can maybe use it when youre like flying every other day and have 100000 pts haha. What a joke of a promotion

    • The information you read elsewhere that 1 point is worth P1 is unfortunately false – sorry you based your expectations on that. As I posted in my full review , the value of 1 point is about 0.30P, so your 3,700 points are worth about 1,110P. When booking with points, the points price is calculated from the cash price on the spot at roughly that rate, sometimes a little more or less. And having the ability to combine cash and points to buy any ticket is something many airlines don’t offer, so many people loose their points because they never earn enough for a full ticket, so I consider that a plus!
      The points give you approximately 6% discount – which is on top of any promotion they are running on the fares! While that’s not huge, it’s comparable with other airlines and better than nothing…

  9. Hi Rupert,

    Got an update from GetGo! Made another call yesterday and finally they’ve returned my points today (after 2 months). Also, there’s a new item in their FAQ page:

    E. Redeeming GetGo Points –
    12. I made a reward flight booking and my payment for the amount due in PHP did not push through. What will happen to the booking?

    There has been a change in the policy, which applies to all reward flight bookings made on 24th Jun 2015 1730 GMT+8 onwards:

    Since you did not complete the payment, your booking will be auto-cancelled by the system after a holding time period of 20 minutes thereabout, and the unused points will be returned back to you.

    If you have opted to settle the amount due via 24 hour Payment Center, your booking will be held for 24 hours; if the payment is still not settled after 24 hours, your booking will be auto-cancelled by the system and the unused points will be returned back to you.

    Should you still wish to proceed with your intended travel, you will have to submit a fresh booking subject to prevailing fare.

    ^I guess that addresses the problem I went through with my points disappearing while doing a test booking. Hope this helps everyone.


    • Yay! Thanks for the update. And thanks for pushing the issue – you triggered a change in their policy that makes it better for everybody! Much appreciated!

      • I’m sure I’m just one of many angry GetGo customers that triggered the change! (But maybe I’m the angriest one of them all haha!) Thanks for actively responding to all the posters’ comments!

  10. I’ve been trying to redeem my 5,215 points with domestic flights but no flight schedule details come up in the getgo site. But if I try international, I see them. So ano toh? International flights lang pwede mag-redeem??

    I paid for that 150 for a getgo card online. They charged me, but I NEVER got the card. I am still waiting for a customer advantage in this scam. And unfortunately for me, they’re the only airline flying to my city. Corruption, in many many forms are absurdly abundant in this country. I hope something great happens to make my negativity with this program go away. Still trying to contact them and get a cohesive response.

    • Hi Jerny, sorry to hear about the problems you are having. Try to contact them by email – they have been very responsive when I tried. Also, I have not had problems looking for domestic flights – try a different browser or a “private/incognito” mode, sometimes it seems to be browser related… good luck redeeming your points, looks like you have earned a lot of them!

  11. I’m trying to register our cards with my husband but I cant find it even to your home, nothing I can see on where to register our cards in order we can earn miles. Please help us to register our cards. My Card number xxx and my husband’s name: Resucito with card # xxx.
    Many Thanks. Looking forward to your response in my email add.

  12. how long does it take to reflect my getgo points? I book a flight in Cebu pacific a week ago but still my points is 0. Any idea? thanks

    • The points should post within 7 days of flying (not booking!). If they haven’t posted a week after you traveled, you can claim missing points here

  13. Hi there,
    How many points are required to get like a Cebu – Manila free flight ?

    Is there a list for the points required for redeeming ?

    regards John . . .

    • The points needed are calculated based on the price of the ticket. One point is worth approximately 30 centavos, so a ticket that costs PHP1,000 would require 3,333 GetGo points. The conversion rate can vary, so you might need less points during a GetGo promotion – or more for a popular route, like Boracay! You can find more details in my full review click here

  14. Acquiring the points from travel is a tiring process.
    Flights I used are rejected for points since apparently I was a no show to the airline. Did I travel in my mind? and manifest myself to my destination? Have I invented teleportation to have a holiday in my province?

    First problem why I was not given points after filing is that my second name was not included in my getgo account. Full name was used in my booking and ticket. I wondered why since I always use my full name in things I log into.

    they fixed that and now apparently I was a no show. Is this a way of weathering me so I won’t pester them for points???????

    • I think they are still fighting growing pains with their IT systems. Your best bet is to go to their website and request the points to be posted. I did that twice and the points posted within a few days without issues. It’s annoying to have to go that extra step, but let’s hope their system gets better over time…

  15. Hi Rupert,
    Are you an agent/stockholder at CebuPacific? If not, you might as well be!! 🙂

    Our family of four has been flying with CP yearly (Asia, not national) for more than 10yrs. I remember our first CP flight to HK, there was still business class. And the only passenger there was one of the twin Gokongweis.

    However, I am the only member of CebClub and now Getgo. Do I earn points for all those years? Do I understand that they earn no points as they didn’t register?

    Lastly, I do not see where to get that promo code (to register my family members), and the same query above did not get a definite answer as to where to get it. It says it’s for promos, so I suppose I want to input. Does your reply ‘optional’ actually mean useless or unnecessary?

    Thanks for the assistance!! Great job!!

    • haha.. no, I’m not an agent or stockholder – just passionate about travel and trying to help other people travel, too.
      Unfortunately, you don’t earn points for the flights 10 years ago, but you can for any flight in the last six months. So, if your family didn’t register before the flight, they can still claim those points, if their flights were in the last six months. Find instructions here
      The promo cods are unnecessary, you don’t need them for your family. I have never seen one published or read about it, I’d think they are for business customers or partner promotions…
      Good luck getting those points, safe travels for you and your family!

  16. Thanks for the quick reply Rupert!

    Only for within 6months? What about all those other flights that I have been a member already? Like Feb 2015, 2014, 2013 and all those other years of membership? NA?

    If not, do you know when this points system started? So unfair that there was no email about this, and I learned more from your site than CP’s page.

    Thanks again!!

    • Sorry, only for 6 months. I know, it seems unfair. They launched the GetGo program only a little over a year ago, so in 2013 and 2014 there was no program to earn points.
      Many other discount airlines still don’t have a program like this and AirAsia only allows to claim points for 30 days after the flight – that’s an even tougher rule.

  17. hi im already a ceb club member.. i also have a plastic card from getgo, got it for free from my last flight, a sales lady from ceb approached me and let me fill up a form then give me the card for free.. i dont know how to register it.. everytime i will try to register the card i got an error that i already an existing ceb club member with my email address but when i tried to log in and use the forget password and put the number of the card its not working either just received an error “applicationexception”.. i dont know what to do now.. 🙁

    • It looks like the case of being a Cebu Club member and getting a separate card wasn’t planned for. If you did already upgrade from Cebu Club to GetGo with your old email account, I don’t know of a path to merge the two. If you have a Cebu Club membership without any points, you could just change the email address in your Cebu Club account and use your regular email for your new GetGo account.

  18. Hi! I applied for a getgo a day after my first flight from Cebu Pacific. Whenever I try to request for my missing points,

    “Invalid entry. Flight departure date must not be later than 180 days from today’s date”

    Keeps showing at the bottom of the departure date tab.
    I’m new to this program and would appreciate your help.
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Have you completed your flight yet? You can only claim the missing points a few days after flying.
      If you have flown, you can claim the points for 180 days after the flight by filling out this form. Pick the date from the calendar, enter the flight number and reference number and your points should post within a few days.
      If your flight was more than 180 days ago, I’m sorry, you can’t claim the points anymore.
      If your flight is complete, has been within 180 days and points haven’t posted already, and you are stilling getting an error, you should call them to find out what the problem is.

  19. I am trying to update my information and it wouldn’t let me proceed without putting my mobile and phone number but it keeps on telling me my numbers are invalid. I’m 100% sure that those are my numbers… still all invalid.

    • The web site requires the phone number to be entered in a specific format:
      the first box is for the country code: for example 63 for the Philippines
      the second box is for the area code, for example 2 for Manila or 915 or 927 for a mobile phone (no 0)
      and the third box is for all the remaining digits in your phone number (7 digits for Philippine mobile numbers)
      Hope that helps

  20. Hi!
    I have ceb vouchers and plan to convert to ceb get go points.It will soon expire this April.please give advice in what to do.Thank you

    • If you have used CEB points to buy e-vouchers, those vouchers expire two years from the email/purchase date. I’m not aware of any options to trade the e-vouchers for GetGo points. Your best option is to buy CebuPac tickets for yourself, family or friends who are planning to travel CebuPacific before the expiration date…

  21. HI!! I booked 3 domestic roundtrip tickets and 3 roundtrip international tickets online two weeks ago and I also indicated each of our GetGo id numbers in the space provided for the ID number…….. BUT until now the points are not showing up in our GetGo profiles yet. Also, my husband traveled 3 weeks ago, which we forgot to put the GetGo ID number upon booking, so we tried using the CLAIM MISSING POINT option BUT until now the points are still no-show. What do I do next? Thank you!

    • The points won’t show up till a few days after you complete your trip. Once you return from your domestic or international trip, give it a week and check, if the points have posted. In my experience, most of the time they do. If they don’t, fill out the Missing Points Form (as you’ve already done for your hubby’s trip.
      Give the Cebu Pac staff a week or so to post the points – it’s done manually. If it doesn’t happen, contact them via email or phone to follow up! Make sure you have your Cebu Pac Confirmation number and itinerary with all your details handy when you call!

    • If you have an unregistered membership card and are going online for the first time, you need to register it here.
      If you have been a CebClub member and are new to GetGo, go to the home page, click on “LOG IN”, enter your CebClub email address and click “Forgot Password?”
      If neither of this applies to you, you will have to call GetGo at +632 71-43846 to solve the issue!
      Good luck, hope that helps!

      • Invalid membership number . I already filled out everything but it still go back to the membrship number . I got this nunber in front of mu card . Why is this so ?

      • Did you have a Cebu Club account before? If so, you need to sign in and click on “forgot password” to reset.
        If not, click here and select “Do you have an unregistered membership card” YES.
        If neither works, you’ll have to call the GetGo membership desk! Good luck!

  22. hi, yesterday I was trying to retro claim a flight flown on March 23 but the rep tells me I can’t do this since the 30-day period has already passed. I still can because they have a 180-day claiming period, correct? TIA!

    • There are two different claim periods:
      1. If you are a member, complete a flight and points are not showing up on your account, you can report it for up to 180 days.
      2. If you are a new member, you can claim points for any flight flown 30 days before joining!
      So, in your case, if you joined prior to March 23, the 180 day period applies and you can claim credit. If you joined after March 23rd, the 30 day period applies.
      Hope that helps, good luck with your points.

  23. how can I claim points? “My flight was last May 3, 2016 and I tried to claim it today(20-06-2016) but it wont go through..Am a new member, just registered dated 16th June 2016.

    • If your flight was on May 3rd and you joined on June 16th, you have missed the 30 day window to claim credit for flights flown before joining. You can only get credit for flights within 30 days prior to joining. Sorry, you won’t be able to get the points…

  24. Thank you for the reply. Anyway, the note below taken from getgo under “Missing Points” will be applied only to the old member?

    Note that all claims must be made within 6 months from the flight date.

    • Yes, my understanding is that note only applies to flights made as a member, not to flights prior to becoming a member!

  25. hi. just wondrin’ if there is another way to get my getgo card since i do not have credit card to pay for the Php150 card? been wanting to have one.

    it is possible to convert points into cash?

  26. Hi! Please help. My sisters membership number is invalid when I entered it. She already got a card but can’t register it. What to do?

  27. Hi! Good morning!
    I have registered to a get go card but I haven’t paid it yet because I don’t have my card yet. And during my trip somebody from cebu pac have given us the card for free. Now my concern is, how can i use the card given to me because everytime i’ll try to register the card using my email, it will say that i have already registered my email. And if i am going to login using my email…they will say that i haven’t completed my registration yet.

    I hope i can get a solution here 🙁
    Thank YOu!

    • If you would like to use the card you received from Cebu for free, you can sign up with a different email account than you used the first time. You can get a free email account at Gmail or other services.

      • what if change flight? since the ticket was re-book thrice? Total amount paid will earn points?

      • A ticket change should not affect your points. If the points do not post, you can claim them via the web site.

  28. I booked at a ticketing outlet in a mall for a Nov. 7 flight. But I left my get card. How do i credit the points to my card

    • You can look up your card number online and give that number to CebuPac at check-in, so that your points are credited to your account. If they do not post after you flight, report the missing credit and it will be posted. Safe travels

  29. Hi! I booked a flight earlier today for my cousin, I entered my getgo number, would that earn points?

    Also, I only used the card today, which i received free few months ago via promo. however,I received the invalid membership number also upon registering it in their website.

    • Also, my friend booked a group flight for us but he did not use a getgo card, our flight is on February 25,2017 can i claim points for that?

      • Yes, you can claim points for your flight. When you check in for the flight, give the agent your GetGo number to enter into the reservation. Or, you can claim the points after the flight by going to the GetGo Website and click on Missing Points!

    • Hi! Each person needs to have their own GetGo membership number. But your friends and family can be in the same earning circle and share the points for future flights. Go to Circles to learn more and set it up!

  30. Hi, I would like to request instructions on how to redeem missing points. Previously I was able to add but now I can’t see any function to redeem missing points.. Thanks!

    • You can no longer claim points after the fact – you have to provide your GetGo number at the time of booking or check-in to earn points! You can read more here

  31. i requested for my bankard points of 1,500 to be transfered to my getgo card before i checked its alreadt 2,422 points! but now how come it’s only 1,422 points only? 1,000 points is missing why is that?! please check and put back my missing points!

    truly yours,
    mr. ricardo carpio camacho

    • Most airlines don’t allow the sale of their points/miles, so I don’t recommend doing it and I certainly won’t.
      Also, 1,400 points are worth approx. $10 – so probably not worth the risk…

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