Cebu Pacific Air eliminates change fees for 24h after purchase!

Cebu Pacific Airlines has eliminated the change fees for tickets within 24 hours of purchase. If you book a flight and notice an issue within 24h of buying the ticket, you can rebook your flight, changing the dates or times of your flight as well as the flight sequence. You still have to pay any difference in fare between your original and new booking. This is a customer friendly change, making it easier to correct booking mistakes without having to pay a fee for an honest mistake and I applaud Cebu Pacific for it!

Most airlines in the US or Europe already offer a 24h hold or change period, in case of booking errors. If you are in a hurry or looking at many different options, it’s easy to pick the wrong time or date by accident. In the past when making a mistake at Cebu Pacific, you had to pay a P1,500 change fee for domestic flights, P2,300 for international short-haul flights and P2,500 for international long-haul flights to make a correction, in addition to any fare difference.

Now, just like with other international carriers, you have 24 hours from making a booking to double check your itinerary for any mistakes, coordinate your travels with friends or family or make hotel arrangements at your destination. Should you need to make a change, you can without having to pay a fee, making it easier to make your travel bookings! 
Keep in mind that you will have to pay the difference in fare, so if you booked during a sale, the difference can be steep. Also, the change fees are only eliminated for the first 24 hours after booking. Any changes made at a later point in time still cost a fee!

I’m glad to see Cebu Pacific make this consumer friendly change – it’s a small step, but a good step forward!

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Cebu Pacific Air eliminates change fees for 24h after purchase! — 8 Comments

  1. Is rebooking fee applicable to the whole booking or per person? Example : I booked for 3 persons under one booking number. Do I have to pay 1500 pesos only or 4500 pesos?

    • You have to ask Cebu Pacific customer service to determine the change fees in your case, please let us know what they say.

  2. My husband change our flight time to tug-mnl.after 24hrs. they charge us.3, his planning to change the time of our flight to do we need to pay again?i was mad for.we are disappionted.we like best to use PAL instead of Cebu Pac.

    • Yes, you’ll have to pay another change fee and the difference in fare.
      The same is true for most airlines, including PAL, unless you purchase a flexible fare that specifically allows a change without fee. Those flexible fares are usually much, much more expensive…

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