Cathay Pacific – Facts & Figures

Cathay Pacific is one of the oldest airlines in Asia, among the top ten largest airlines for passengers and cargo and consistently ranked a 5-star airline, making them a preferred choice for flights to and around Asia. Find out all about their destinations around the world, their fleet and how they rank for quality and service!

Who are they? Cathay Pacific (CX) was founded in 1946 and is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and based out of Hong Kong (HKG) airport. Cathay Pacific is serving 75 destinations in 44 countries, mostly around Asia with links to the Americas, Europe, Australia and Africa. Similar to Singapore Airlines, they use a fleet of 146 wide-body planes with an average age of 8 years, one of the younger fleets in the sky. Also similar to their regional competitor Singapore Airlines, short-haul flights are served by their subsidiary Cathay Dragon with a fleet of narrow-body planes.
Cathay Pacific offers four classes of service, dependent on the routes, including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

SkyTrax rates Cathay Pacific as a 5-star airline and CX has been in the top 10 airlines every year for the last 8 years!
AirlineRatings is giving Cathay a perfect 7 (out of 7) safety rating, making it a safe bet to fly!
Cathay Pacific is part of the OneWorld alliance.

Why should I care? Cathay Pacific is one of the most awarded airlines, with high ratings for the consistent hard product across their wide-body fleet, service and their renowned lounges for Business and First Class passengers in Hong Kong. And even in Economy Class, the food and entertainment options are a step up from US carriers and CX currently still has only 9 seats across on a Boeing B777, giving you more room to breathe. Unfortunately, they have announced to move to 10 across as well!

Cathay Pacific Economy Class Seats

In the last few years, Cathay Pacific has made more news with financial problems and product challenges and they have stumbled a few times. They face intense competition from Mainland Chinese airlines and Hong Kong is loosing its status as “gateway to China”.
As part of OneWorld, Cathay Pacific has excellent connections with their alliance partners, giving customers access to destinations all around the world.

What else do I need to know: While you are guaranteed to fly on a wide-body plane, the configuration varies greatly between long-haul flights and regional flights for premium cabins. While you can stretch out in lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration on long flights, you’ll be stuck in recliner seats in a 2-3-2 configuration on regional flights, so watch out what plane you are selecting

Cathay Pacific – Business Class Regional vs Long-haul

The intense competition and financial challenges have led to a product and service degradation. My food on a recent regional flight in Economy Class was worse than some budget airlines and certainly not representative of a 5-star airline.

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