Experience a natural wonder of Africa hands-on – Okavango Delta

One of the most captivating destination on our tour of Southern Africa (overview here) was the Okavango Delta. It is one of those places that captures your imagination, awes you with the experience and leaves you clinging on till the last minute, not wanting to leave. Yet it is hard to describe what really makes this place so special and … Continue reading

Okaukuejo Camp Etosha National Park

If you enjoyed my review of Etosha National Park and the photos of the amazing wildlife, you will need a place to stay. The Okaukuejo Camp we stayed at during our trip is a great option for independent travelers! We loved our stay there and you have options for any budget to make this your base for the exploration of … Continue reading

Cape Town without breaking the bank – Park Inn Foreshore

We chose the Park Inn Cape Town Foreshore for part of our stay in Cape Town, one of my favorite cities, prior to our to Southern Africa adventure  . We wanted to maximize the value of our Club Carlson points and chose it mostly because of it belonging to the Carlson family of hotels.  While we were much more excited … Continue reading

Luxury with a view – Radisson Blu Waterfront, Cape Town

We went to Cape Town to meet friends from the other side of the world and also to start our Southern Africa adventure (read more here). We booked the Radisson Blu Waterfront as a treat and that’s exactly what it turned out to be – a real treat of a hotel! It’s in a great location on the Waterfront and … Continue reading

Playground in the desert – Swakopmund, Namibia

We reached Swakopmund on our CapeToVicFalls Adventure and, after two nights of camping in the cold desert, were excited about the comfort of a hotel and town. Even more exciting were all the activities available there: from skydiving to sandboarding, from hot air balloons to quad bikes, there were lots of choices for some fun in the sand! … Continue reading

I went to the end of the world and I loved it – Sossusvlei, Namibia

I have traveled to destinations considered “off the beaten path” before and seen a few desert environments as well, but nothing can really prepare you for experiencing Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, one of the driest places in the world! It also is one of the most beautiful places I have seen anywhere on Earth, in an otherworldly way, and the … Continue reading

Dream City in Africa – Cape Town, South Africa

I arrived in Cape Town after driving across country, from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park to Durban and along the coast. Friends had recommended as the one place not to miss. Sure enough, Cape Town was one of the few cities around the world that captured my heart. … Continue reading