Best PriorityPass Lounge at Manila Airport – SkyView Lounge Terminal 3


There are a number of lounges at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) that you can utilize as a PriorityPass member – and the SkyView Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 is the best of them! You get a clean space with nice runway views and the best food of any of the lounges – that’s making it my favorite lounge at T3! And if you fly ANA or Emirates, you’ll have access to this lounge as well!

The best terminal at Manila’s airport is the new Terminal 3, used by Cebu Pacific and a handful of international carriers. For regional flights, I often fly Cebu Pacific and being able to use a lounge courtesy of PriorityPass takes the sting out of flying a low-cost carrier. I’ve previously visited the Pacific Club (read my review here), but ever since they became Delta’s contract lounge, their food offering had been slim or non-existing earlier in the day. So, I tried out the SkyView Lounge in the International Section of Terminal 3, level 4 (turn right after the elevator). And I’m happy I did: Check-in with PriorityPass was quick and friendly. You have two separate sections, one to the left reserved for Emirates and ANA and for PriorityPass to the right. I checked out both and they have the same decor, furniture and food.

The main room has booth-style seating with partial glass dividers for privacy at the center, open seating on the side and bar-style seating at the window, best for eating, working or watching planes take off and land. There were plenty of universal power plugs near the bar and lounge style seating, fitting US and EU plugs. While it is not the most stylish or luxurious decor (I like the Pacifc Club aesthetics better), it is clean and functional!
mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-6But what really makes this lounge a winner, is the food buffet. Instead of just serving small, pretty snacks, they serve real food that can replace a meal. During my lunch visit, they served chicken with mushrooms and cream sauce, rice and Spaghetti Bolognaise. mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-3I tried all of it and it was actually very good – equal or better than what you’ll find at the airport restaurants. There were also sandwiches, soup and snacks on offer. The drink offering consisted of soft drinks, beer, red & white wine and some liquor.
mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-4For entertainment, you have a small TV as well as newspapers and magazines. There is free WiFi internet available and it was reliable and pretty fast by Manila standards at an average speed of 6.8 Mbps!

mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-5Between the food and the fast WiFi, the SkyView is a winner for PriorityPass members. If you are not hungry and prefer a nicer decor (or just want the closest lounge), the Pacific Club is for you. If you are traveling on ANA and are a StarAlliance Gold member, you should check out the Singapore Airlines Lounge instead – it’s the nicest option you have at the terminal and my personal favorite!

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