Best PriorityPass Lounge at Manila Airport – SkyView Lounge Terminal 3


There are a number of lounges at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) that you can utilize as a PriorityPass member – and the SkyView Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 is the best of them! You get a clean space with nice runway views and the best food of any of the lounges – that’s making it my favorite lounge at T3! And if you fly ANA or Emirates, you’ll have access to this lounge as well!

The best terminal at Manila’s airport is the new Terminal 3, used by Cebu Pacific and a handful of international carriers. For regional flights, I often fly Cebu Pacific and being able to use a lounge courtesy of PriorityPass takes the sting out of flying a low-cost carrier. I’ve previously visited the Pacific Club (read my review here), but ever since they became Delta’s contract lounge, their food offering had been slim or non-existing earlier in the day. So, I tried out the SkyView Lounge in the International Section of Terminal 3, level 4 (turn right after the elevator). And I’m happy I did: Check-in with PriorityPass was quick and friendly. You have two separate sections, one to the left reserved for Emirates and ANA and for PriorityPass to the right. I checked out both and they have the same decor, furniture and food.

The main room has booth-style seating with partial glass dividers for privacy at the center, open seating on the side and bar-style seating at the window, best for eating, working or watching planes take off and land. There were plenty of universal power plugs near the bar and lounge style seating, fitting US and EU plugs. While it is not the most stylish or luxurious decor (I like the Pacifc Club aesthetics better), it is clean and functional!
mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-6But what really makes this lounge a winner, is the food buffet. Instead of just serving small, pretty snacks, they serve real food that can replace a meal. During my lunch visit, they served chicken with mushrooms and cream sauce, rice and Spaghetti Bolognaise. mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-3I tried all of it and it was actually very good – equal or better than what you’ll find at the airport restaurants. There were also sandwiches, soup and snacks on offer. The drink offering consisted of soft drinks, beer, red & white wine and some liquor.
mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-4For entertainment, you have a small TV as well as newspapers and magazines. There is free WiFi internet available and it was reliable and pretty fast by Manila standards at an average speed of 6.8 Mbps!

mnl-skyview-lounge-t3-5Between the food and the fast WiFi, the SkyView is a winner for PriorityPass members. If you are not hungry and prefer a nicer decor (or just want the closest lounge), the Pacific Club is for you. If you are traveling on ANA and are a StarAlliance Gold member, you should check out the Singapore Airlines Lounge instead – it’s the nicest option you have at the terminal and my personal favorite!


Best PriorityPass Lounge at Manila Airport – SkyView Lounge Terminal 3 — 48 Comments

  1. Thanks for this review. I checked it out upon arrival at the airport and am sitting here right now. I am the only person in here so have the whole place to myself…. Nice selection of sandwiches.

  2. I am going to palawan and have a seven hour wait at Manila. Where and when is the best place to purchase a pass. Cheers

    • You can purchase day passes at the lounge. BUT your flight to Palawan will leave from a domestic terminal, so you won’t be able to access the SkyView Lounge – it’s in the International Section of Terminal 3. And even if you arrive on an international flight in T3, you won’t be able to go to the departure area for international flights…
      If your flight leaves from Terminal 3, you can access the Wings Lounge, landside before passing security, upstairs. You can also go to one of the hotels across the street from T3, the Marriott, the Belmont or the Remington.

  3. I am flying with ANA and will be in 3/8. I have a united club one pass . Can I use it to access the skyview lounge.

      • You only have lounge access if you are flying ANA Business Class or are ANA MileageClub/StarAlliance Gold elite.

  4. If u use a rcbc card the charge is only fpr $12 (gold). I have a platinum card under security bank and all along O thought my travel companion is also free. Turns out it is only for one.

  5. My dad is flying tomorrow from NAIA 3 and I was thinking of mentioning this to him since he has access via his credit card. He can’t walk long distances though (he has a cane). I was wondering how far this lounge is from the elevator when you get to the 4th floor.

    I’m familiar with Kris Flyer’s lounge but not the Skyview Lounge.

    If it’s the farthest one, I wouldn’t recommend he go here.
    Hope you could give me an estimate.

    • The SkyView Lounge is the last one on the 4th floor, past the Singapore Airlines lounge, I’d guess another 100m.. If he has access to the Pacific Club on the same level, it’s a little closer.

  6. I have a flight Cebu pacific flight to Nagoya japan , I am coming fr LAX would I be able to use the T3 sky lounge?

    • Yes, Cebu Pacific international flights leave from MNL Terminal 3 and you would be able to access the lounges in the T3 International area, either with a priority pass membership or with a day pass.

  7. Hi! We’re going to Japan next week and I just wanna ask if what credit card(as of now) offers complimentary lounge access? my father has an array of platinum credit cards. thank you

    • The Citibank Prestige, American Express Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve all offer PriorityPass memberships with access to the SkyView Lounge. There is a long list of credit cards, issued in the US and Philippines that also provide access. It’s best to check with your credit company, if it’s not one of the three I listed.

  8. Hi! I’ll be transiting in T3 overnight and this lounge seems to be my best bet. Are there private room options in addition to the day pass, maybe a secure place to have a short rest?

    • If you are looking for a rest, the Wings Transit Lounge in Terminal 3 might be a better choice. They offer small sleeping rooms, in addition to showers, food and drinks. It’s located landside (outside security) on the upper level!

  9. Good day! Pwede bang bumili ng day pass even you don’t have credit card? Base kasi sa nabasa ko sa isang blog about skyview lounge, they only accept payment through credit card. Looking forward to your reply.

  10. Greetings. I fly in and out of Manila often, but always from Terminal 1. I will arrive in Terminal 1 around 11 p.m and am flying out of Terminal 3 on ANA, business class, at 9:30 a.m. I figured by the time I get through baggage claim and security, it will be well after midnight and doesn’t make s lot of sense to hassle with a taxi and hotel room, only to have to be back at the airport at 7:30 a.m. So, I am planning to spend that 8 hours at Terminal 3. Which lounge would you recommend?

    • I would recommend the Wings Transit Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3, landside, upstairs. It has not only food and showers, but sleeping rooms, so you could at least get a few hours of rest, before heading to your connecting flight!

  11. Hi! We’re flying overseas this month. My husband and I has a Platinum RCBC card. I just called Skyview Deck lounge to inquire how many person is allowed to bring per card holder. Only 1 free companion per person is allowed. I asked if our two other companions can purchase a pass since we’re 6 all in all. They told me that its not possible. They only accept priority pass or platinum card. They don’t accept payment. But upon checking in the internet you can puchase a pass for 800php. Which is which?

    • It is my understanding that the SkyView Lounge T3 does not sell day passes, but the Pacific Club lounge T3 (read my review here) does.
      As these day pass options can change frequently due to changing demand, I will verify on my next trip through T3!

  12. hi. i have an 8 hour daytime (12:45-20:45) layover at MNL flying PAL in and out of T2. would it be possible to use the airside shuttle between T2 and T3 to access the sky view lounge? if not, other lounge suggestions? (there does not appear to be a priority pass lounge in T2). thanks.

    • I’m not sure that will work. While PAL does offer an air-side shuttle for connecting passengers, as you don’t have a flight out of T3, they may not allow you to go on it. There is a land-side bus, but than you are likely to face a similar challenge that they may not allow you to go through security in T3.
      There is a land-side lounge at T3, the Wings Transit Lounge, that offers sleeping cabins in addition to showers and food. Or, with 8h of daytime, it might be worth to explore the city or even book a hotel with a pool for the day!

  13. Hi, is there any chance we can access the lounge since we are flying domestic? We have a few hours lay over from Indonesia and flying to Busuanga? How much is the walk in rate? Thank you

    • Sorry, there is no access to the lounge from either International Arrivals nor from Domestic Departures.
      You can access the Wings Transit Lounge in Terminal 3, landside/outside security, upper level, for a daily fee.

  14. Flying from Auckland to Heathrow on 1 March 2019.

    Is there a lounge that can be used for economy travellers (7hour stopover).

    Arrival and departure from T2.


    • Sorry, the only lounge at T2 is the Mabuhay Lounge – it’s only accessible for Business Class passengers or Mabuhay Miles Elite members traveling in Economy. There is no access with lounge memberships and no option to pay for access.
      If you have a 7h layover, you could head to T3 and use the Wings Transit lounge that has private rooms for a nap, showers, food, etc. You’d have to leave T2, take a shuttle/bus to T3. While it can take as little as 15 minutes to get to T3, I’d allow for 1h for the return to be safe…
      Alternatively, you can head to a hotel in the area for a few hours and hang out by the pool or mall. There are a few, also by T3.

  15. I travelled PAL business class last year & enjoyed the PAL lounge.
    1) Is it the only lounge at international departure area?
    2) Do you have a separate lounge for Mastercard Airport lounge?
    3) I am world elite card holder and travelling again to Philippines this year and would like to access lounge using my world elitee mastercard.

    • The Mabuhay Lounge is the only lounge in Terminal 2. Some international flights (including PAL) leave from Terminal 1. The PAGS lounge is the best option there and available with PriorityPass and other lounge programs.
      The SkyView Lounge reviewed here is the best option in Terminal 3 where the majority of international flights leave.
      I’m not sure which lounge the World Elite MC has in their program…

    • Thanks, great tip! The Union Bank Miles+ Platinum and Union Bank GetGo Platinum also offer free lounge access!

  16. Hi, Im a Unionbank Platinum cardholder. Does the lounge also accept +1 guest? Do I still need to register on Priority Pass or I can just simply show my credit card?

    • The Unionbank Platinum card gives you access to the SkyView Lounget at T3, no PriorityPass required in addition.
      I don’t have the card myself and the Unionbank website is not clear on guesting – please let us know what you find out.

  17. I definitely preferred the Pacific Club to the Skyview Lounge. I have two Priority Passes and visited both this morning. Internet speed in the PC lounge is 10Mbps and they have far better breakfast offerings. Skyview looked like they were serving dinner from the night before. Maybe an update is in order?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad Skyview Lounge has stepped up their game regarding food, I’ll have to check them out again…

  18. Hi…I’m flying return from DXB and have loungekey with my UAE credit card – will I be able to have access for 3 hrs?


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