Beautiful Lounge in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Airlines Golden Regional Lounge

After the poor customer service and onboard experience, Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at their home airport of Kuala Lumpur was a refreshing change and all-around great experience! It was a highlight of our trip and made up for some of the poor service along the way!

Malaysia Airlines operates three lounges at Kuala Lumpur’s terminal 1: a lounge for long-haul international flights, regional flights and domestic flights. We were able to use the regional lounge on our flight to Bali as a OneWorld Sapphire member. The lounge is located above the departure level near the center of the main terminal. The staff at check-in was friendly and we were admitted without issue. They went above expectations by assisting us in our attempt to change flights. While it didn’t work out, I appreciated their effort.
MH Lounge KUL2The lounge itself is spacious and very well designed. Many large lounges end up feeling like a cafeteria, because too many seats are cramped into one big, open space. In contrast, the Golden Lounge is nicely separated in multiple smaller spaces with different character, allowing different guests finding what they are looking for! At the entrance, a nice stone wall and water feature are a dramatic opening. Behind a partial wall are three smaller seating areas, overlooking the airport field. Also along the wall is one large, open area with seating. Because of the shape and the large wall of windows, it still feels pleasant. At the center of the lounge is the bar and buffet area. There is a full selection of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks (despite Ramadan in a muslim country), as well as a very nice selection of snacks and hot dishes. Both the selection and quality of food was very good and I’d consider on par with Singapore or Thai Airways lounges. I had a nice pasta dish, which served as a full meal on our lengthy layover.
MH Lounge KUL FoodThere are also a very quiet business/work area, a kids playroom (behind closed doors, no noise impact) as well as a full spa available at a charge. There are also bathrooms with shower facilities as well as prayer rooms for muslim travelers.
The staff was very friendly and attentive throughout, refilling dishes, clearing tables and serving drinks.
Overall, this was by far the most pleasant experience I have had to date with Malaysia Airlines. I hope MH can figure out how to operate across the ground and onboard staff at this level – it would make a world of difference to the overall experience!

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