Bangkok Airways’ Boutique Lounge BKK Airport

One of the perks of flying with Bangkok Airways is that they offer lounge access to all passengers, something US carriers don’t even offer to First Class passengers on domestic flights! On our recent flight to Ko Samui with Bangkok Air, we had a long layover at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport and we spent it at the Boutique lounge in the domestic terminal!

Suarnabhumi airport would qualify as a large mall and entertainment center in most countries, with all its stores, restaurants and even massage shops. Unfortunately, most of it is in the International section and the domestic part is a much more basic affair! Thankfully, even as economy class passenger, we had access to Bangkok Airways’ “boutique lounge”. It’s a large, open plan lounge, comparable to domestic or frequent flyer lounges of international airlines. There is a lot of seating, with a mix of couches, bistro-style seating, high-chairs and some comfortable bench seating. The furniture reminded me of IKEA, it’s modern and colorful, yet pretty basic and a little worn.
BangkokAir Lounge BKK - 1At the end of the lounge, you’ll find a buffet with free soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as some light snacks, like sandwiches, cake, banana chips (my favorite) and some local dishes! If you are hungry and looking for a meal, you are better off at one of the terminal restaurants, but the offering is better than what you’ll find at the lounges of US carriers!
BangkokAir Lounge BKK - 2If you are traveling with kids, there is even a separate play area – which I was grateful for. Despite the large number of passengers, the lounge was pretty quiet and a good place to spend our layover. It sure is a significant step up from hanging out at the terminal, when flying on Thai Airways Economy without status and certainly much better than spending time at Bangkok’s old Don Mueng airport when flying AirAsia.
While the lounge is not that special compared to other airline lounges, it is very special to have access as an economy passenger without status! It’s especially nice, if you are coming of a long international flight and have some time before heading to your vacation destination. Keep in mind that there is no PriorityPass or pay lounge in the domestic terminal, so it might even be a good enough reason to pay a little extra to fly Bangkok Airways for connections in Bangkok!

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