Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Lounge Ko Samui Airport

On our recent visit to the InterContinental hotel on Ko Samui, we flew with Bangkok Airways, Asia’s Boutique airline and were lucky to have access to the premium “Blue Ribbon” lounge at the domestic terminal, courtesy of our PriorityPass membership. You can find my review of the lounge, service, food and drink below!

Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon lounges are operated for business class passengers and elite members in the FlyerBonus frequent flyer program. While the short domestic flight to the island was an all-economy class service and we don’t have status with Bangkok Airways, both “Blue Ribbon” lounges at the domestic and international terminal in Ko Samui are also open to PriorityPass members, for us thanks to the Citibank Prestige card!
Ko Samui is a small resort airport, owned by Bangkok Airways, and it’s designed in a local island theme. That means open-air structures with Thai-inspired roofs function as the terminals and open tram-style trucks with wooden benches serve as buses to the plane on remote stands. While there are a number of stores and food places along your way from the taxi drop-off to the terminal, the waiting area itself is pretty drab, so the air-conditioned lounge was a very welcome place to hang out till our departure. It’s only steps away from the gate, so you can maximize your time there and the staff had us checked into the lounge quickly. Similar to other Bangkok Airways staff we encountered, she was exceptionally friendly and went above and beyond what you’d expect from a European, American or even most Asian airlines when we asked about a change of seats. She worked by phone with the gate/counter agents to find better seats and walked over to pick up the new boarding passes for us (which I didn’t realize she had to do till after the fact!).
The lounge itself has an island feel to it, although it could be Martha’s island, with light colors and flower prints. It was much nicer than the regular Boutique Lounge in Bangkok and felt almost like a private beach house, rather than a commercial lounge! Everything was very clean and well maintained.
BangkokAir Lounge USM - 3As soon as we sat down, lounge staff came over with a dining menu, offering a choice of hot Thai dishes. We ordered a Garlic Pepper Chicken with rice. We checked out the buffet with a choice of pastries and snacks, a machine to make fresh pancakes as well as coffee and tea, espresso drinks, juices and soft drinks! The food and drink choices were better than the regular Bangkok Airways lounge or what you’ll find at the lounges of any American carrier. The hot dishes ordered from the menu  were an unexpected touch of luxury and tasted very good – something you’d find at a premium lounge operated by Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific, but not usually at a regional carrier.
BangkokAir Lounge USM - 2Overall, Bangkok Airways is working very hard to differentiate itself through premium services and offerings and the Blue Ribbon lounge at Ko Samui airport is another example of that. It offers great service, a nice environment and better food than you’d expect at a small airport like this. It’s another reason to consider Bangkok Airways when you are looking for a premium experience!

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