Authentic pizza, great ingredients, affordable prices – Gino’s Brickoven Pizza, BGC Manila

I love Filipino food, but what really sets the food scene in Manila apart from other Asian cities is the great International food you can find, with authentic taste and top notch quality you’d expect in the home country. Gino’s Pizza is one of those places, serving pizza with the perfect crust from their brick oven, quality toppings and healthy ingredients!

Gino’s Pizza has four outlets in Metro Manila, the first one we tried is in Makati and the most recent visit is near our home on Bonifacio High Street! It’s set in the Serendra pedestrian area, a lively area with lots of people watching. The interior is nice, clean and simple, with brick walls and wooden-top tables. Paper place settings are the only decoration on the tables. It’s a small and popular restaurant, so it’s frequently sold out, so come early or late if you want to be sure to get a table.

Staff is friendly, has you seated and with a menu in hand quickly. We ordered the burrata mozzarella and tomato appetizer and a ham & arugula pizza as our main course. There is a short wine list, unfortunately just by the bottle, and we picked a red wine to go with our meal!

The burrata was the real thing and some of the best mozzarella I’ve had in Manila. It’s soft and creamy and served in a generous portion with cocktail tomatoes and basil leaves. I wish there was a little more tomato – it sure is a lot of cheese!
Our pizza came out perfectly, with a thin & crisp crust that had just a little bit of an oven burn for the right taste. The tomato and cheese are applied thinly and there is plenty of ham and arugula salad on top – better than the other way around! For me, the taste was just right the way it was served. But in a nod to local taste, they offer a spicy sauce for the table, if you miss that!
Our red wine was ok for the price category, but don’t get your hopes up. The focus here is on the great pizza, not the wine fine.

Bottomline: Gino’s serves some of the best pizza in Manila and authentic burrata cheese, making for a great and inexpensive meal. It’s a simple restaurant and it usually is very busy, so there isn’t a whole lot of ambiance to be had, but we will sure be back for the great pizza!

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