AirAsia Asean Pass now on sale! Up to 20 flights for $249!

Late last year, Air Asia announced the introduction of an Asean Pass, offering 10 flight credits for 499MYR ($149) to use over 30 days or 20 flight credits for 888MYR ($249) to use over 60 days (AP+). After some delays due to the tragic loss of flight 8501, it is now on sale! If you are planning to explore South East Asia, this is as good a deal as I have ever seen them! The pass covers some of the best South East Asia has to offer: From great cities like Bangkok, Manila or Singapore, to amazing beaches like Boracay, Bali or Phuket; from historic sights like Angkor Wat or Yogyakarta to nature destinations on Borneo! So much to see for so little money!

If it sounds too good to be true, here are the mechanics of the pass, so you can decide if it is worth it for you:
You can purchase up to 5 passes that are valid for one year and assign them to a BigShot account. From your account, you can activate the pass and select flights for redemption. You have to pay the airport taxes – the pass only covers the base fare – as well as luggage, food and seat selection, etc. The redemption has to be made at least 14 days before departure, so you have to plan ahead. Once you started your trip, the travel for an Asean Pass (AP, 10 credits) has to be completed within 30 days, for an Asean Pass Plus (AP+, 20 credits) within 60 days from first departure. The credits are used depending on destination: Shorter routes are 1 credit, longer ones are 3 credits. Not all seats are available for booking with the Asean Pass, so you have to be flexible. You can not repeat any one route within one pass, changes incur change fees and there are no refunds. You can buy your pass and find all the rules and regulations here!

There are lots of routes available at 1 credit and the longer/more expensive ones at 3 credits. I checked some of the available promo fares and even at 3 credits, the pass is a great deal, if you plan to tour ASEAN! I’m planning to buy the pass and chart an exciting tour across ASEAN to see a few off-the-beaten-path places I wouldn’t have visited otherwise – and re-visit a few favorites as well! At as little as $12 per flight, it’s a deal I can’t pass up! Check it out, have fun and travel safely!

UPDATE: I have purchased the pass and put together the ASEAN Explorer trip – part 1 and part 2. I have put together some tips and tricks how to make the most out of the pass here!

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