A peaceful hike through the rice fields around Ubud: Orange Warung Trail

One of my favorite things to do in Ubud is to hike along the many trails through the rice paddies. It takes only a few minutes walk to escape the crowds in Ubud and you are walking among the rice fields and forests, with few people around. A few small restaurants cater to visitors, so you can have a cold drink or lunch with fantastic views, relax with a book or even leisurely work in the most relaxing environment you can imagine. The trail to the Orange Warung is one of the less frequented trails and worth trying out!

I’ve previously reviewed the Campuhan Ridge Trail as a nice escape from town, but unfortunately many people seem to agree with me and it’s now very popular. A less busy alternative is the trail to the Orange Warung, which is attracts fewer people and is also shorter and easier. Even if you are only in Ubud on a day trip from the beaches, I’d recommend to try out a walk – the peace and quiet of the fields and forests surrounding Ubud is really what a visit is about – and a wonderful contrast to the crowds around the market or Monkey Forest!

You enter it on the road next to the Starbucks coffee shop near the Ubud Palace. Follow the road, as it narrows and becomes a narrow path leading up a small hill. At the top of the hill, it becomes a narrow foot path, leading through the rice fields with nice views. You’ll soon reach an intersection – stay left and follow the signs to “Orange Warung”. You’ll soon see the small restaurant, built into the rice fields. It’s a gorgeous setting with beautiful views.

There are plenty of seating options, with regular bistro style tables and chairs, as well as some lounge-y seating. A small open-air pavilion next door also has bar-style seating. The restaurant is decorated with faces painted onto coconut shells – somewhere between cute and creepy.

You’ll find some of the healthiest food in town here, with fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, green salads and a number of vegetarian choices. I had the Orange Salad, with fresh greens and a sauce made of local herbs that looked a little odd but tasted great! Topped off with fresh orange slices and grilled chicken, it’s a fresh and tasty snack –  a perfect lunch in the hot weather.

I really enjoyed the views and calm as well, the Orange Warung became my favorite lunch spot and I returned a few times for more!

After a relaxing stay, continue on the path you arrived on (don’t head back) and your hike continues through the fields. Because of the climate, the farmers can harvest rice several times a year and you can see fields being planted, being harvested or fallow on the same hike, making for an interesting hike. The work in the rice fields is back-breaking and mostly manual, giving me a new appreciation for how cheap that Asian food staple really is!

At the end of the trail, it winds around some buildings, but you can’t miss it and will end up on the main street that you started on – just a few blocks to the West. Just turn left at the main road and you’ll be back to your starting point in a few minutes

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