A lounge at Singapore’s Changi airport, courtesy of Priority Pass – SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 2

Singapore’s Changi airport was my home airport for a while and I spent lots of time at the various Singapore Airline lounges, including my favorite, The Private Room! On a recent trip to Singapore, I was flying a budget carrier, but thankfully was able to access the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2 with my PriorityPass membership, courtesy of my Citibank Prestige card! Read my review to find out what to expect!

I had a regional flight within South East Asia, leaving from terminal 2 and the SATS Premier Lounge is located on the level above the mall departure gates, right across from the DBS lounge. It’s well marked with signs near the escalators to go up.

You enter the lounge past the buffet area, with coffee and tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages against the wall and hot and cold food options on the island in front. The hot food could make for a quick meal, a niece option if you are flying one of the many budget carriers or short-haul flights with limited service. Curiously, I found the food choices better than the lounge of the same operator in Terminal 3 that also serves United! They are also a lot better than what you’d expect from a lounge operated by one of the big three US airlines, although not as good as Singapore Airlines.

SIN SATS Premier Lounge T2 - 3Towards the wall of windows is a large open area of lounge seating with comfortable chairs and small tables arranged in groups of two or four. There is a bar-style table against the windows with seating and a view or to get some work done. Power outlets are limited, so you’ll have to look around if you are trying to get a charge before heading to the plane.
The decor in beige, brown and dark red was inoffensive, but uninspired – you probably wont remember it 2 minutes after you left. While there are small dividers between the seating groups, the lounge is really just one big room. I prefer lounges with greater separation, providing areas to eat, rest and work with a little more privacy.

SIN SATS Premier Lounge T2 - 4The lounge is well managed and the service staff is quick to clean up empty glasses and plates, maintaining an overall pleasant environment. And that’s really what the SATS Premier lounge does: Provide a more pleasant environment than the (already exceptionally nice) terminal, food and drinks and an area to rest between flights. While it won’t trigger any “OMG tweets” or selfie pictures on Facebook, it does a good job for a contract lounge and it certainly made my low-cost carrier flight much better! If you are considering to purchase a day-pass, I would pass – the Changi airport is my favorite in the world, it’s well maintained and offers so many food and retail choices, that you can easily save the fee and spend the time in the public areas!

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