1Peso Fare Sale at Cebu Pacific – Check it now!

Cebu Pacific has done many, many 1Peso (approx. 2.2cents US) sales in the past, usually for flights 6-9 months out and I scored a few very cheap tickets to international destinations. What makes this sale much better than in the past is that the Philippine Government recently eliminated fuel surcharges on all flights departing the Philippines! 

In the past, Cebu Pacific was one of the most sneaky airlines in that they offered 1 Peso fares – and then slapped 2500 pesos in fuel surcharges on top, making the ticket prices less than transparent. While you could still find some great fares, it was a bit of a hassle. With the government now eliminating the fuel surcharges, the typical sales fares you can find have gone up… by an amount close to the old fuel surcharges (surprise, surprise).

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.12.48 AMSo, this morning’s sale came as a shocker to me, as this means some seriously cheap fares to anywhere Cebu Pacific flies! The fares can be booked here until January 28th, 2015 for flights from June 15th, 2015 – December 10th, 2015! While government taxes and fees are still added on top, as well as charges for luggage, food and other ancillary fees, this is as low as it gets! Apparently, everybody is jumping on this opportunity and the Cebu Pacific website is struggling to keep up! They published a handy seat map to show, where there is a lot of availability for this sale (check here).

I wasn’t able to find availability on a few destinations and dates interesting to me, but I will keep looking to score some great fares! If you have a trip to Asia on your schedule, you should check it out, too, and better be quick!

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