Fantastic Foto Friday: Singapore – not as boring as you might think!

SIN CityOrchard - 4

I call Singapore “Asia for Beginners” – because it is the easiest city to visit in Asia. Some people think it is boring – but I have lived there: Dig a little deeper and you can find it’s quirky side, like this art display on Orchard Street, or it’s quieter side in the Chinese Garden or its natural side on Mt Faber!
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Perfect Day: Singapore Itinerary

While I generally recommend to take your time when traveling, Singapore, Asia for Beginners, is the easiest city in Asia to see on a “Perfect Day” itinerary: The compact size of the island nation and the great public transfer make it easy to see the multiethnic heritage, enjoy amazing parks, great shopping and dining, all in a single day! Check … Continue reading

Top things to see and do in Singapore

Singapore was the second most popular Asian city in 2015 with foreign visitors – and it’s easy to see why. It is so easy to visit and get around this English-speaking city that I call it Asia for Beginners. If you are planning a visit for just a day or a few, check out the top things to see and … Continue reading

What is the best area to stay in Singapore?

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My favorite rooftop bar in Singapore – Fullerton Bay Hotel

Despite Singapore’s reputation as being very proper and a little boring compared to bustling, fun Asian capitals like Bangkok or Hong Kong, there is plenty of evening entertainment to be found, especially if you are looking for a classy experience on a night out! My favorite destination for drinks on an evening is the Fullerton Bay Hotel and it’s stylish … Continue reading

Travel Made Easy: Getting around Singapore

I called Singapore “Asia for Beginners” – and one of the things that makes Singapore so easy to visit is the excellent public transportation. From trains and buses to taxis, there are plenty of options and they are all reliable, fast and relatively inexpensive – at least to the high prices for hotels, restaurants and bars in Singapore! Check out … Continue reading

Travel News: New airline routes around the world!

This week’s Travel News brings you new airline routes around the world: Scoot is planning to start service to Europe in 2017. Eva Air is starting a daily service to Paris. And Turkish Airlines might start flying between Bali and Australia – lots of new options to fly, always a good thing for travelers! … Continue reading

How to get to Singapore, Asia for Beginners, for less!

I consider Singapore as “Asia for Beginners”, one of the easiest cities in Asia to visit. And, having lived there for a while, it’s also one of the easiest and cheapest to get to! That makes this post on how to get to Singapore without spending a lot of money very easy, read on for my travel tips. … Continue reading