Fantastic Foto Friday: Medieval Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia


I explored the Baltic States on my Baltic Explorer trip and Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was such a wonderful surprise. The old town had been lovingly restored with the towering walls and castle, churches and cobblestone streets. If you want to see “old Europe” – this is a great alternative from the busy capitals in Western Europe!

Traveling the Baltics by bus – Lux Express review

When traveling in Europe, I usually prefer trains instead of short flights of under 2 hours – it’s usually quicker and cheaper, I avoid all the hassles involved with airports and, most importantly, I get to see more of the country I’m visiting. On my recent Baltic Explorer trips, I was looking for options to travel from Tallinn to Riga … Continue reading

Perfect day: Tallinn Itinerary

You only have one day in Tallinn with its beautiful, medieval town center, and you want to make the most out of your time? You can wander the narrow alleys of the old town, marvel at the beautiful architecture and even take a quick tour of the city’s history, before closing out your day high above the rooftops watching the … Continue reading

Dinner in the Heart of Old Town Tallinn – Margo

On my first night in Tallinn, I was wandering through the beautiful Old Town and was checking out the many restaurants in the heart of town. There are a lot to choose from, many with outdoor seating around the squares and along the little alleys. Most of them have their menus out, so you can take a look what they … Continue reading

A Quick Tour of Tallinn’s History – City Museum

If you want to get a short overview of the history of Tallinn, head to the City Museum. It’s housed in a medieval merchant’s house in the Old Town, so it’s easy to incorporate it into a walk around the Old Town. it’s really well done and has exhibits from the middle ages to Estonian independence. Some parts of the exhibit are … Continue reading

Best dinner in the Baltics – Rataskaevu 16, Tallinn

I had picked a few restaurants in Old Town Tallinn from Tripadvisor to check out on an evening walk. One highly rated one is Rataskaevu 16, named after its address. When I checked it out on a weekday, it was completely sold out and turning away people, one after the other. I took that as a good sign and was … Continue reading

Exploring the recent history of Estonia – Tallinn Museum of Occupations

I’m very interested in history and usually have the history or national museum of my destination on my itinerary. In the Baltics, I wanted to learn especially about the more recent history of these former Soviet republics. Estonia has established the excellent Museum of Occupations, covering the Soviet and German invasions during World War II as well as the post-war … Continue reading