Dream Trip: Bali on a budget from Europe!

If you are living in Europe and are looking for a more exotic beach getaway, Bali is a great choice: It’s easy to reach from most major European airports, there is a lot to do, from party-beaches to quiet, romantic beaches and the peaceful forests and rice paddies around Ubud to the many historic temples all over the island. And … Continue reading

Dream Trip: Exotic Wildlife, Borneo on a Budget from Asia

You live in one of Asia’s big cities and would love to get away to see some unspoiled nature and exotic wildlife! But you only have a week to go and need to watch your budget! No problem, Sarawak in Southern Borneo is easy to reach and easy on your wallet, but offers amazing wildlife in the national parks all around … Continue reading

DreamTrip: Luxury Getaway to Bali from the US

Are you bored with yet another trip to Hawaii or upset about the ever-rising prices for mediocre hotels? Do you want to see something different or be truly pampered? Are you interested in a more exotic trip, but think it’s too expensive – don’t worry. You can have a luxurious trip to an exotic destination and be pampered at upscale … Continue reading