Fantastic Foto Friday: Ricefields of Ubud, Bali

Ubud - 21

While the rice fields on Bali are of course man-made, walking among the paddies around Ubud feels like a return to nature from the busy towns of South Bali – it is so very relaxing and peaceful, I’d recommend it to anybody visiting Bali!


Fantastic Foto Friday: Old Faithful still going strong after centuries – Yellowstone National Park


One of my favorite national parks in the US is Yellowstone – from the reliable geysir Old Faithful to wildlife next to the roadside, there is so much to see, you’ll be sure to create memories for a lifetime! Read my review of Yellowstone for more photos and stories!


Fantastic Foto Friday: Wildlife up close & personal!

Bako Snake

Borneo still offers unspoiled nature and wildlife to explore at your own pace. In Bako National Park in Sarawak, Southern Borneo, I got as close to the wildlife as I was comfortable! 
Borneo is easier to reach and less expensvie than it sounds and the head hunters are long gone – so check it out, before the crowds arrive!

The worlds best road trip – California’s Highway 1

I love to take road trips – a nice car, good weather, beautiful scenery all make for a special experience. And one of the best road trips is California’s Highway 1 along the rugged coastline from San Francisco to Los Angeles. During my almost 20 years in San Francisco, I’ve driven that road at least 15 times – and still … Continue reading


Fantastic Foto Friday: Leopard in South Africa

At this point, the leopard is about 15' away from me.  He had climbed up into the tree and I started shooting multiple exposures.  Suddenly he came back down and looked straight at me.  He was on a west to find his mother.  He was a 1-2 year young male leopard.

Robin took this stunning photo full of tension  in Ngala, South Africa. The 1-2 year old young male leopard had just jumped out of a tree and looked straight at him! Ngala is a safari camp on the edge of Krueger National Park in South Africa with great game drives. Robin has more, equally captivating photos on Robin’s Photo Site. You can view them, order photos or create photo products on the site!
I had similar experiences on my trip to Krueger National Park. You can also stay in camps inside the park, go on bush walks or rides with the rangers or go on a game drive in your own car – spotting a pride of lions on my own was one of my most exciting wildlife experiences!

Need some peace & quiet? Summer getaway to Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe, the beautiful blue lake surrounded by mountains, is one of my favorite getaways in Northern California, ever since I fell in love with San Francisco. And while it is very popular in winter with plenty of ski resorts to enjoy the snow, it’s also a fun summer getaway. You can enjoy the beaches along the lakeshore or go hiking … Continue reading


Fantastic Foto Friday: Yellowstone National Park, USA

yel-grand-prismatic-springYellowstone is my favorite National Park in the USA and when I browse through photos like this, I really want to go back! Both, the natural landscape shaped by geo-thermal activity and the wildlife are amazing to behold! And, despite the many visitors, you can have peaceful moments like this, after a hike up the hill, looking down on the Grand Priscmatic Spring!
Read my review of Yellowstone for more photos and experiences! To stay informed about deals for your own trip,  follow me on Twitter or sign up for Sunday Summary, my weekly newsletter!


Fantastic Foto Friday – Angry Elephant in Hwange National Park Zimbabwe, Africa



A picture says more than 1,000 words – and it is the most evident with wildlife photos: Nothing can capture the feeling of an angry elephant or a lion about to charge her prey like a photo.
Robin J. Dezember is the first guest photographer on Fantastic Foto Friday and his photography captures nature and wildlife in an amazing fashion, and his photo books are captivating.
This photo was taken in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe as part of a tour of Southern Africa – and if you have seen elephants in the wild, you’ll know how real this photo is!

If you want to see (and download) more of Robin’s photos, you can check them out on Robin’s Photography site – it’s worth the visit, you can have a virtual safari!
If you’d like to read more about the adventure that is Southern Africa, check out my trip report from Cape Town to Victoria Falls!