WOW Air planning direct flights from Iceland to Asia

The Icelandic budget carrier WOW Air made headlines with $69 one-way flights between North America and Europe. Now, they are turning their eyes towards Asia and are planning to start direct flights in 2018. This could bring lower fares to travel between Europe and Asia, as well as between the US and Asia! … Continue reading

Final flight of airberlin and what happens next

As announced, airberlin seized operations when the final flight, AB6210 landed on October 27th at 22:45 after a 1h flight from Munich, welcomed by airline staff with fanfare. The same day, after lengthy negotiations, easyjet announced that they’d buy a number of planes and slots, focused on the Berlin hub, and will accept existing airberlin tickets! In the meantime, the topbonus … Continue reading

European airline consolidation continues: Czech Airlines takeover

After the insolvencies of alitalia, airberlin and Monarch Airlines this years, I expected other smaller regional airlines to follow. It looks like that happened sooner than I though. Czech Airlines, the struggling flag carrier of the Czech Republic is being bought out by Travel Services, a local corporation that owns leisure, charter and budget transportation. … Continue reading

UK’s Monarch Airlines bankrupt – 3rd European airline to fold in 2017, who’s next?

After airberlin and Alitalia entering insovlency this year, now Monarch Airlines went bankrupt and abruptly halted operations. The UK government refused to provide a loan like Germany or Italia had done and instead organized a “rescue mission” to bring back 110,000 Monarch customers stranded abroad! More than 700,000 customers have lost their future tickets and will have to pay for … Continue reading

Tale of two airlines – insolvency at Alitalia and airberlin compared!

While I have seen a few insolvency proceedings in the airline industry, with all the major US carriers having been in Chapter 11 at some point, they usually happen during times of economic crisis, like after 9/11 or the 2008 Great Recession. Alitalia and airberlin both entered insolvency this year, but the process and impact on travelers couldn’t have been more … Continue reading

The end of airberlin is near – don’t book a ticket or risk loosing it!

I have seen quite a few airline bankruptcies: every major US carrier, including United, Delta and American, has filed for Chapter 11, and most recently, Alitalia (finally) went into administration. But in all of those cases, the reorganization proceeded fairly orderly. In contrast, German airberlin has been in a fast and furious downward spiral since it declared insolvency two weeks ago. … Continue reading

American Airlines bringing Basic Economy fares to transatlantic flights?

American Airlines (as well as Delta & United) introduced Basic Economy fares on US routes where they compete with ultra-low-cost-carriers, like Frontier or Spirit. You no longer get a seat assignment, a checked bag or even a carry-on, never mind food or drink! Now, facing similar price pressure on transatlantic routes from LCC competitors like Wow or Norwegian, American Airlines … Continue reading

airberlin bankcruptcy – the end of topbonus rewards program?

Last week airberlin declared bankcruptcy, after their largest shareholder Etihad suddenly stopped their financial contributions that had been confirmed in June to keep airberlin running for the next 18 months, while it’s going through a restructuring. Now, they have also stopped the accrual or redemption of topbonus miles, the rewards program of airberlin that is owned by Etihad and run … Continue reading